Japanese beauties experience the transparent toilet, attracting people to watch. Netizen: designer’s brain opening

Japanese beauty experience “transparent toilet”, attracted many onlookers, netizens said: the designer’s brain is open!

In the eyes of every designer, the brilliance of the world is unique, and everything in the world is creative. Today’s people are not only satisfied with food and clothing, enjoy life, live in the house they like, travel when they are bored, relax, wear beautiful clothes and so on, which are the unremitting pursuit of people.


Because some people know how to enjoy life and appreciate all kinds of designers’ designs, many strange designs appear.

Japan has a big brain hole design – “transparent toilet”. The main purpose of this toilet design is to urge everyone to pay attention to hygiene. This is the original city of Chiba county and city, which cost about 9.87 million yen to build. It is dedicated to women, with a total area of about 200 square meters.

The trunk of Chinese fir is used to form a wall. The wall is 2 meters high and 54 meters long. In the middle of the wall is a 1.4 square meter single room toilet. The wall of the single room toilet is made of glass.


Between the glass wall and the fir wall, there are colorful potted flowers. It can be used free of charge. Xiaobian thinks that this is a great design.

Of course, everyone has different views on design. Maybe some people have the same idea as the designer, that is, when everyone is traveling, tourists can come to the “transparent toilet” when they want to go to the toilet.


They can go to the bathroom and see the scenery. A Japanese woman can experience it without delay. However, it can be seen that she is still very shy.

Over the years, many designers have designed unique works. Now the Internet is becoming more and more developed. We can learn about many foreign events through a mobile phone.

For example, we can express our views on the strange works designed by this famous designer through the Internet. Although this design is very strange, it also contains the efforts of the designer. Every design can’t be accomplished overnight.


Although the “transparent toilet” is strange, it does not prevent people from using it. Every designer’s design will be liked by others. Maybe you will find that this is a special miracle, but we respect the preferences of everyone and the cultural differences of different countries, because differences can make the world more colorful.

The world is a whole, science and technology are developing, in the eyes of designers, everything is the way they choose materials. It may seem strange to you, but in the eyes of those who appreciate it, it’s a perfect work.


If you encounter this “transparent toilet” in your travel, will you choose to go? Welcome to leave a message in the comments area.

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