Japanese fishermen catch a marine creature and it stinks. What’s its real identity?

Japanese fishermen catch a marine creature and it stinks. What’s its real identity?


The ocean is the most extensive area on the earth, accounting for three-quarters of the earth’s surface area. It is the only home for countless marine organisms. Many people believe that the first life on earth originated from the ocean, which is always full of mystery. Since ancient times, there have been stories about the ocean among the people. For example, water monster and dragon are all involved with the ocean. Are these two creatures fictional? I don’t know.


Marine life captured by Japanese fishermen


It is said that in 1977, a Japanese fisherman caught a marine creature. Because of its strange shape and different appearance from ordinary creatures, the fishermen threw it back to the sea for the sake of safety. So far, it is still shrouded in fog. Scientists want to know what kind of creature it is? At that time, when the fishermen were pulling the fishing net, they accidentally found a giant. Because it was bound by the fishing net and couldn’t move, there were bursts of stench on its body. The fishermen worried that the body of this creature would rot and affect other fish, so they separated them temporarily. This creature had been left on the deck all the time. Japanese fishermen catch a marine creature and it stinks. What’s its real identity?


At the beginning, many people talked about it and speculated what kind of creature it was. Finally, the fishermen invited the captain out. The captain was very resistant to the stench and had no choice but to throw it into the sea. Before he entered the sea, an intern felt that this creature was unusual, so he sketched its skeleton. He didn’t expect that this abandoned creature belonged to the national treasure. What’s the matter? According to the intern, the unidentified creature is 10 meters long and weighs a lot. After careful analysis, we can be sure that it is not an ordinary fish, it may be a rare species.


Should this creature be thrown away?


In fact, we should not just throw this creature away and take it back to the laboratory for research. Maybe we can find new signs. People have different opinions on it. Some people think it belongs to a kind of fish, while others think it is a sea monster, which may be the offspring of ancient creatures. There are many stories about sea monsters, but there is no accurate conclusion. Scientists are eager to see it again. When it reappears, they may be able to solve the mystery.


From the fisherman’s point of view, it is reasonable to throw away this creature. After all, he has never seen it before. We can’t guarantee whether it is dangerous or not. For his own safety, throwing it into the sea is also a kind of self-protection. However, this kind of practice makes the world miss the opportunity to study this creature and leaves a fog to the world, which is nothing to be discouraged.


There are thousands of creatures in the ocean, and there are countless new species that have never been heard of. They live carefree in the ocean and adapt to the marine environment. When they are suddenly captured by human beings, they will certainly not adapt to the environment. Maybe the stench of that creature is also caused by the arrest of human beings. What kind of creature do you think it is? You can leave a message for interaction.

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