Japanese junior high school students found a metal object, suspected to be afraid of water, but also emit light?

In our cognition, the size of UFOs is very huge. Although they are like a small light spot in the sky, some of them are even bigger than airplanes. Even small UFOs can reach several meters in diameter. There has been such a UFO witness event in history. The diameter of the unknown object is only 20 cm, and the witness also touched the object and even took it home. What’s the matter?


What do junior high school students see?


In 1973, a 13-year-old junior high school student was on his way home when he found a metal object near the rice field. The metal object was not only moving slowly, but also glowing. The junior high school student was very curious when he saw the mysterious light spot. When he tried to get close to the object, the strong light became more and more obvious. He was scared at that time. When he came home, he remembered that the object must be unusual. So he found his little partner and decided to uncover the mystery together. When they went to the rice field again, they found that the unknown object had disappeared. Several of them did not go home, but chose to wait here. After a few hours, the unknown object appeared again and circled over 100 meters.


One of the brave children was ready to get close to the metal object. Unexpectedly, the closer he got to the unknown object, it made a sharp noise. Several children were scared, boys like to take risks, and the next day, they still went to look for the metal object. They didn’t see it for several days, so the children decided that if the metal object appeared again, they must take a picture of it with a camera. A few days later, they came to the rice field with their cameras. This time, they saw a metal object spinning on the rice field. A child pressed the shutter button on the metal object. At this time, a magical scene happened. The metal object seemed to be frightened and quickly rose into the air. When the children took photos again, the metal object suddenly fell to the ground.


This is a boy picked up the metal object, he found that the diameter of the metal object is only about 20 cm, so he put it into his schoolbag and took it home. After returning home, they made a detailed observation of the metal object and found that there were many circles at the bottom of the metal object and 31 small holes in the center, which also depicted different patterns. Naturally, the children had never seen this kind of object, so they gave the metal object to the adults. When their parents saw the object, they didn’t think it was like a metal hat, so they thought it might be just a toy. After the parents finished reading, the child put the object back into the schoolbag. Unexpectedly, the metal object disappeared the next day.


Unidentified objects afraid of water?


Since the children have been looking for it several times before, they have also found out the rules. If it rains that day, the metal object will not appear, so they speculate that the metal object is likely to be afraid of water. When the metal object appeared again, the children covered it with cloth and quickly splashed a bucket of water. At this time, the unknown object made a strange noise, and the children took the object home.


Unexpectedly, a few days later, the metal object mysteriously disappeared again. Although later, the children found it again, but in an accidental case, the metal object disappeared and never appeared again. This incident also caused quite a stir in that year.


Some people think it’s just children’s prank. After all, the diameter of the metal is too small, just like a toy. However, some people think that it’s not worth it to create such a scam? And how can this object disappear out of thin air? I don’t know what you think of this incident?

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