Japanese robot wife comes out online, beautiful and gentle. What will it bring to single men?

With the development of science and technology, human civilization ushered in the rapid development, nearly a hundred years of scientific and technological development, let people really realize the power of science and technology. It can be said that technology has changed people’s way of life, it is also changing the world.

With the rapid development of science and technology products, a very popular technology has been a topic of discussion in recent years. This technology is artificial intelligence, and artificial intelligence is related to intelligent machines. It can be said that an important application of artificial intelligence is robots, which is also a development trend in the future.

In the future, a lot of human work will be replaced by intelligent robots. In addition to these intelligent robots used for work and labor, there is a very special kind of special people, beautiful robots will continue to appear. It’s human nature to love beauty. Beautiful women have natural advantages in many aspects. Whether it’s reception in front of the company or some other public relations services, they are mainly beautiful women.


But in this world, there are still a few beauties, and the beauties with temperature and temperament are rare. With the continuous development of society, the status of beauties is getting higher and higher. In addition, there are more men and less women in some areas, so it has become a big problem to marry a wife. For example, the current situation in China is like this. Many young men are worried about the high cost of marrying a wife, and they have a house and a car To have a deposit is an important standard for modern beauty to marry.

Many men can not afford to pay high betrothal gifts, so they can only choose to be single. At this time, the appearance of beauty robot gives men a hope. Recently, Japan launched a beauty robot, which is named “wife”. It’s hard for you to recognize her as a robot just because of its good appearance.

This online beauty wife robot is lifelike, with normal human body temperature, and it’s not a machine to touch. Its production material is very advanced simulated silica gel, and it feels like a real person. Of course, this is only the external performance of this beautiful robot, its biggest feature is artificial intelligence.

This beautiful robot is different from the previous robot that completely commands and computer programs. It is equipped with the current advanced artificial intelligence program and has certain intelligence. In addition to being able to complete specific instructions, it can also carry out simple communication with human beings. It can occasionally tease the host when it is not happy; it can’t sleep at night, Can also coax the host to sleep, is the perfect wife in the man’s dream.


So what will this beautiful wife robot bring to single men? Although she can’t compare with a real person, it can still bring a lot of fun to a man’s lonely single life, such as chatting with his host. Of course, artificial intelligence is still in the initial research and development stage, and the degree of intelligence is limited, but with the continuous progress of human artificial intelligence, the future beauty intelligent robot wife will have a great impact on single men.

Artificial intelligence in the future will be very intelligent. Apart from not having the same emotion and thinking as human beings, it is no different from human beings. It can help us do many things, such as washing and cooking. The most important thing is that the robot wife is beautiful and gentle. She won’t make you look pale and lose your temper. When you are in a bad mood, you can also vent your temper, and she is a very good audience, quietly watching you lose your temper, from time to time also say a few happy words, make you happy, let you recover from negative emotions.

It can be said that the robot wife in the future is a very good psychological expert. If you have such a robot wife, you will have a very happy life many times. Even when you are in a bad mood due to work and other reasons, the intelligent robot old woman will give you timely guidance, so that you can walk out of the negative emotions and show your happiness again life.


Just imagine, which man doesn’t want to have such a perfect wife? It’s hard for a real wife to be perfect. The reason is that people are emotional animals with their own emotions and thinking. In addition, the status of a beautiful woman is already high. If you dare to lose your temper with her, you may leave you tomorrow. Only the robot wife will not, as long as the program is bound to you, you will always be its master, never betray.

This is the advantage of smart beauty robot wife in the future. She will be popularized to every family like modern mobile phones. Her intelligence can help you do many things, not only housework, but also work. You should know that artificial intelligence is far superior to human in many aspects, such as data calculation, experimental simulation, etc.

In fact, the emergence of beauty intelligent robot is a sign of human civilization entering a higher stage, and in some ways, it will improve men’s status in the family. If there is no beauty intelligent robot, with more men and less women becoming more and more serious, many beauties will feel that they are born superior, born to be loved by men, and will become more and more tender and less feminine. They don’t do any housework and can’t stand any grievances. Men live in the shadow of their wives all day.

In the future, once a large number of beauty intelligent machines appear and become popular, there will be no inherent superiority of beauty, and beauty will have a new competitor, that is, intelligent beauty robot. Beauty robot will not be ugly, appearance is beautiful, you can customize the appearance of beauty robot according to your own requirements, what kind of appearance you want.


In addition to the powerful intelligent programs, intelligent robots are not inferior to human beings except for having no emotion, and even far superior to human beings in some aspects. Just think of this situation, beautiful women will naturally feel the crisis, they began to strengthen themselves, learn to cook, wash and other housework, but also become gentle, only in this way, can they compete with beautiful women.

The emergence of intelligent beauty machine gives men more choices and women a sense of crisis, which is also an important significance of her appearance. Of course, the beauty intelligent robots are far from meeting these requirements, and the level of intelligence is still very backward. They can only do some things mechanically. Although they have intelligence, they are far from the real artificial intelligence.

However, the new robot developed and launched in Japan is a good start, which shows that the beauty intelligent robot has begun to enter people’s lives. From the fact that tens of thousands of robots are sold within 60 minutes of the robot’s launch, it can be seen that people are eager for the robot’s wife. This is only a very simple artificial intelligence. If artificial intelligence becomes more and more advanced in the future, the beauty robot will become more and more popular We are looking forward to this day.


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