Japan’s bisexual intelligent robots are hot after they are launched. Will they become a trend of the times in decades?

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Hundreds of years ago, after thousands of years of development, human civilization finally entered the road of science and technology. Science and technology has brought earth shaking changes to our lives, and has brought human civilization into a new era, into the way of science and technology to explore the world and explore the mysteries of the universe.

In the development of science and technology for hundreds of years, there are a lot of scientific and technological products, which can help people improve their lives and make human civilization move forward rapidly. If you want to ask which of these technological products is most helpful to human civilization, I believe many people will answer that it is computer.


Yes, the computer can be said to be the greatest invention since mankind entered the era of science and technology. You know, the rapid development of science and technology is inseparable from the processing of a large number of data. If these data are processed by manpower, the efficiency will be very low. However, with computers, the speed of processing these data will be increased many times.

The speed of data processing directly affects the development speed of human science and technology, so the computer is the most proud civilization since human entered the era of science and technology, and the update speed of computer is also very fast. After more than half a century of computer development, today’s computer has entered a new stage, that is artificial intelligence. In recent years, artificial intelligence has become a hot topic in the scientific community, and the simple and elementary artificial intelligence has begun to enter the application stage.

One of the most important applications of artificial intelligence is intelligent robot. The development of robot is of great significance to whether the future of human civilization can achieve a qualitative leap. In the past, robots were all mechanical, but now the research direction of scientists is intelligent robots. The biggest difference between them and traditional robots is that they have their own intelligence.


Besides the most powerful AI, it can learn by itself. As long as AI is connected to the network, it can learn human knowledge quickly. If the robot is given artificial intelligence, it is not appropriate to use the mechanical appearance of the past. After all, we still have a lot of conflicts with the mechanical appearance. Only with the same simulated skin as human beings, can we really integrate into human society and assist human beings.

Therefore, with the continuous development of artificial intelligence, simulation robot has become the most important research direction of intelligent robot. If the robot is just a cold mechanical appearance, it is estimated that many people will have a sense of strange distance when using the robot. However, if the appearance of the robot is a human like appearance of a beautiful woman or a handsome man, it will be very kind and will be used more in life.

The development speed of artificial intelligence is very fast, and the development speed of two kinds of simulation intelligent robots is also very fast. Last year, Japan released the bisexual robot, which was sold out soon after it was launched. It can be seen how popular this kind of simulated intelligent robot with human appearance is.


Both male and female robots, including beauty intelligent robot and male intelligent robot, adopt simulated skin, which is soft and delicate. They can also communicate with people simply. There is a warming device inside them. When they are used, they will not make people feel cold, but are almost the same as people’s real body temperature. The user says that their actions are also in place, even after the activity, they will feel cool “Sweating”, because the surface “skin” is added with a layer of water seepage device, controlled by the program, its simulation of real people and scenes can be said to be amazing.

The emergence of intelligent robots of both sexes has once again refreshed people’s cognition of artificial intelligence. Although these robots only have very simple intelligence, and their body movements and facial surfaces are very rigid, many people can predict that in the future, intelligent simulation robots will become more and more intelligent, and intelligent robots will become more and more like people.

It is possible that in a few decades, artificial intelligence will be almost the same as human beings except that it has no consciousness and emotion of its own. If so, there is a question: will intelligent robots of both sexes become a trend in decades?


I believe we are not unfamiliar with the trend of the times. The development of science and technology is very fast, so there are different trends in each era. Let’s take the most common smart phones for example. A few decades ago, BBS were a trend of the times. At that time, we will find that many people carry a BBS, and people communicate remotely through paging.

Of course, there were mobile phones at that time. They were just as big as bricks. They were not affordable for ordinary people. So at that time, the mobile phone was not the trend of people, but in less than 30 years, the mobile phone has become a very common technology products.

In the 21st century, people can’t do without the Internet and mobile phones. Smart phones have become the most popular technology products. Whether it’s shopping, payment, watching movies, learning and so on, people have to use mobile phones. Even many people’s work is to make money through mobile phones. Modern people can’t do without mobile phones. Mobile phones are not only a communication tool, but also an indispensable part of people’s life.


Won’t it be the trend of the mobile phone era in billions of years? I believe it’s impossible. If the future mobile phone is not the trend of the times, what will it be? The biggest possibility is intelligent robots. With the rapid development of artificial intelligence, human beings will soon enter the era of artificial intelligence. As an important carrier and application of artificial intelligence, gender intelligent robot is bound to become a common scientific and technological product, entering all walks of life and thousands of households.

The future is an intelligent era, people’s study, work, life and so on will be inseparable from artificial intelligence, and artificial intelligence carrying application in mobile phones is actually a relatively backward way, the future is more carrying to intelligent robots. An AI robot is a mobile super cell phone, super computer.

From this, we can see in the future that men, women and children walking on the street will be followed by a “beautiful woman” or “handsome man”. In fact, these beautiful and handsome men are all intelligent robots. When we pay for shopping, the intelligent robot will complete the task. When you want to watch a movie, the intelligent robot can project in real time. When you want to watch a live broadcast, you can also project the live screen in real time.


In a sense, the future trend of the times is also the trend of mobile phones, but this mobile phone has been replaced by a more powerful, more intelligent and more image intelligent robot. In addition, when artificial intelligence becomes more and more advanced and intelligent robots become more and more advanced, it is possible that many men and women will marry a robot wife or husband.

Some people may think that this is a fantasy. Others may think that robots have no emotion. How can anyone choose to treat robots as wives and husbands? But if we analyze it carefully, you will find that it is very likely.

Although intelligent robots have no emotion, they have many advantages that human beings can’t compare with. For example, beautiful intelligent robots, they are all family experts, laundry, cooking, housework, everything proficient. And beauty robot will never lose his temper, but also very gentle, after you work hard to go home, when the mood is not beautiful, can accompany you to chat, release your pressure.


This kind of wife believes that friends are hard to find in reality, so take the most basic love for beauty. I believe every male compatriot wants to find a natural beauty to be his wife, but in reality, natural beauty is estimated to be even rarer than giant pandas. But in the world of intelligent robots, it’s too simple. You can’t see whether it’s true or false with superb simulated skin. Moreover, manufacturers can customize beauty robots according to your own requirements. Even if you want a beauty in a two-dimensional animation, manufacturers can also make it for you.

Perfect simulation appearance, coupled with artificial intelligence that can communicate with you normally, which man is not interested? In the same way, every woman also wants to find a perfect husband, but such a husband may not be found in reality, but in the world of intelligent robots, you can make whatever kind of husband you want. This is the great advantage of intelligent robots.

I believe everyone yearns for such an era of intelligent robots. Some people may say that it will be 100 years before such an era can be realized. Is that really the case? Thirty years ago, people would have thought that it would be 100 years later to make mobile phones affordable.


But everyone didn’t expect that in less than 30 years, mobile phones have become a rotten Street thing. Therefore, the development speed of artificial intelligence and intelligent robot will also exceed our imagination. Maybe many people think that artificial intelligence is relatively retarded nowadays, and intelligent robots of both sexes are also very expensive, which ordinary people can’t afford.

But in a few decades’ time, all these things are likely to change dramatically. At that time, intelligent robots of both sexes may also be rotten things. Ordinary artificial intelligence machines can be bought by everyone. Of course, if you want to buy one with higher configuration, you may have to spend more money. If so, the friends in front of the screen believe that they can wait until the arrival of this era.

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