Japan’s crime of slaughtering people here has been photographed and exposed, and the whole sea has been stained with blood

This is no longer news. As early as 2009, this crime was filmed as a documentary and published to the public. But today, Xiaobian wants to talk about it.


It happened in Taiji, Japan. It used to be a small fishing village with beautiful scenery. It was even packaged as a “theme park” for whales and dolphins. However, in 2009, it was exposed that they were killing dolphins.


The whole documentary adopts the method of secretly shooting. After all, no one wants the world to see such behavior. Every year tens of thousands of dolphins pass by, and the Japanese use ultrasound to drive them to a small area near the shore, and then stab them with spears. The photography team has hidden a camera on the bottom of the sea. I can clearly see the sea turning from light blue to deep red. I can also clearly hear the moaning of dolphins.


I think these dolphins should not be stabbed to death in an instant, otherwise how could they shed so much blood to dye the whole bay red. Just a few seconds after the massacre, the blue-green water was red with blood. The dolphins watched their parents, children and friends being killed by these human beings with their own eyes.


In Japan, dolphin meat can be sold openly in aquariums. You can eat it while watching a dolphin show. Even more dolphin meat has been labeled as whale meat in shopping malls. Many Japanese people have no idea that they have ever eaten dolphin meat, because there is a lot of tribute in the body of dolphins, which is enough to make us Mercury Poisoned. What’s more sad is that the dolphin meat labeled with whale meat is sold all over the world by them.


“We kill dolphins in a humane way.” In the film, a high-level official of the Japanese Fisheries Administration said calmly in front of the camera. Because of various interests, such behavior has not been exposed. Even the massacre in Japan is within the protection scope of “IWC”. (IWC is the International Whaling Commission and the executive body of the International Convention on the management of whaling).


On August 31, 2015, the filmmaker of the film, Richard obari, was arrested by Japanese police for not carrying a passport.


Maybe you don’t know that the way dolphins breathe is different from other creatures. They can’t breathe autonomously like us. Every time they breathe, they need the control of relevant muscles (for example, humans can breathe autonomously under anesthesia, while dolphins can’t breathe under anesthesia). Therefore, when dolphins have unbearable pain in life, they often choose to breathe “No breathing” comes from killing.

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