Japan’s future person 2062, predicting two major earthquakes, is not happy with China’s prediction!

Japan’s future person 2062, predicting two major earthquakes, is not happy with China’s prediction!


Japan is a country with frequent natural disasters, especially earthquakes. Today is July 30, 2020, and the word “Japan earthquake” is hung on the hot search. Fortunately, there is no tsunami risk. For the Japanese people, they are worried every day and are always on guard against the arrival of earthquakes. If we can predict in advance, such a prophet can let us know If we are well prepared, all problems can be solved.


In fact, in the early years, there was a Japanese who claimed to be a person who came back from crossing. On the Internet, his name was 2062, the Japanese futurist. Some people said that this person was very terrible, while others said that his prediction was very accurate. So which earthquakes did 2062 predict in Japan?


Prediction of earthquake in Japan in 2062


The first appearance of 2062 was in 2010. He made his first speech on the Japanese forum. At that time, no one cared about this small online name. He often sent some confusing posts on his home page. Until one day, he sent out such a sentence. He reminded us of some very important things and asked all people to quickly climb to the top of the mountain, His words are very confusing and just as a joke. Unexpectedly, a few months later, in 2011, there was a 311 earthquake in Japan, which also caused a tsunami that swept the east coast of Japan and killed tens of thousands of people. At this time, the talent named 2062, who is the future of Japan, has once again attracted the attention of the public.


After the big earthquake, he disappeared. Unexpectedly, a few months later, he released such a message on the forum. In April 2016, a very serious thing will happen. His appearance is to inform everyone to take refuge. Unexpectedly, another earthquake of magnitude 7 occurred in Kumamoto Prefecture of Kyushu Island, Japan, which was very strong. After two successive earthquake predictions were accurate, Japanese netizens began to believe the prediction of 2062 on the Internet. At the bottom of his post are all comments from netizens, asking him a lot of questions, social and national situation changes, marriage and love, etc.


2062 prediction of China


Among all the comments, one prediction is very interesting. He said that China will disappear in the future, while Asia will be under the rule of India, and India will become a big country. Although the prediction about the earthquake is very accurate, many netizens think that such a prediction is ridiculous. There is no accurate date for this prediction, but according to the present situation The gap between Japan and China is really huge. Obviously, this is not possible at all.


Japan’s official earthquake experts also predict that there will be a major earthquake in the future. Futurist 2062 said that the earthquake will occur in the South China Sea of Japan in 2022, which will make people panic and make Japanese netizens believe it. What do you think of the prediction made by 2062? Do you think it’s accurate?

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