Jiang Ziya’s “Si Xiang” is finally discovered, but why do you live in Africa?

This animal was first discovered in a mural in ancient Egypt. People found a group of people with obvious African characteristics and a strange looking animal in the mural. This animal has long horns on its head, long neck, long forelimbs, short hind legs and even hooves, which is domesticated. Although many of the images in the murals have the characteristics of exaggeration, even if we think about it in another way, people didn’t think what this animal was at that time, and some even called it “African unicorn”. But then scientists rationally labeled the species Okapia, which was translated into Chinese as okapi.


Although this okapi was only used as a living creature in the mural at that time, it was not until 1901 that people found that this animal was real (but only its fur and skull were found at that time). In 1909, the first living okapi was captured, and the “cute beast” in the mural was resurrected.


To tell you the truth, let’s take a look at this okapi. It looks like a deer, a horse, a mule, and has zebra stripes. According to scientists, it is also very similar to a short necked giraffe in the ice age. It runs like a stupid erha. Well, it should be a six elephant. At first scientists classified it as equine, but later as giraffe, and determined that it is the only living relative of giraffe.


I don’t know what it felt like when you first saw this animal. Xiaobian was really sprouted by it when you first saw it.

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