Jupiter has 90% hydrogen. Can it be ignited by fire? After listening to the explanation of the scientists, I suddenly realized

In this paper, I participated in the series of solicitations of the great astronomy and Astronautics of Recordunkown science

I believe many friends have seen this year’s China’s very popular science fiction film “wandering earth”, in which wandering earth in order to get rid of Jupiter’s gravity, humans ignite Jupiter’s atmosphere, use the powerful shock wave to push the earth out, so as to successfully escape.


Wandering earth has aroused strong repercussions after its release. Many astronomy lovers begin to interpret some astronomical words mentioned in the film, such as helium flash, red giant and so on. There are many discussions about the ignition of Jupiter’s atmosphere. Some people have raised such a question: can Jupiter’s hydrogen content reach 90% and be ignited by fire?

Maybe many friends have successfully ignited Jupiter’s atmosphere with the explosion of the space station after watching wandering earth. They think that in the real world, we can also ignite Jupiter’s atmosphere. Is this really the case? After listening to the scientist’s explanation, friends will suddenly realize.

Jupiter is one of the eight planets in the solar system. It is the largest planet. Its volume is 1300 times that of the earth and its mass is 318 times that of the earth. The nature of Jupiter is different from that of the earth. The earth is a rocky planet with obvious solid structure. Jupiter has a solid structure only in its core, and the rest is made up of gas. So it’s a gas giant.


Jupiter is a planet rich in hydrogen, the content of hydrogen in its upper atmosphere accounts for more than 90%, and the content of hydrogen in the whole planet also accounts for more than 70%, its hydrogen content is almost the same as the sun. Some people may think that hydrogen is a kind of flammable gas, which is easy to explode and burn in case of fire. If so, is it possible to ignite Jupiter with such a high content of hydrogen? It makes it a big fireball.

But the real situation is just the opposite, although Jupiter’s hydrogen content is very high, but we can’t ignite it. The reason for this is that the combustion of hydrogen needs to react with oxygen, metal oxides, chlorine, fluorine and other gases. However, the content of oxygen and other gases and oxides on Jupiter is not much or sufficient. They will not be saturated with hydrogen and ignited.


If the hydrogen in Jupiter’s atmosphere had been ignited so easily, Jupiter would no longer exist. You should know that Jupiter’s atmosphere is more than 5000 kilometers thick. In such a thick atmosphere, under the high temperature and pressure environment inside, the friction phenomenon caused by atmospheric flow is much stronger than that of the earth. And the earth’s thick atmosphere flow friction can produce lightning, lightning energy I believe we all know, it is very powerful.

The lightning phenomenon in Jupiter’s atmosphere is far more frequent than that on earth, and its intensity can reach 10000 times of the strongest lightning on earth. It’s so powerful that we can’t imagine. If the hydrogen in Jupiter’s atmosphere was so easy to ignite, it would have been ignited by such powerful lightning energy, but in fact, there was nothing wrong with Jupiter’s atmosphere. In addition, due to the huge mass of Jupiter, its gravity is also very strong. When an asteroid wanders by Jupiter, it will be attracted by its gravity and hit Jupiter.

Asteroid impact energy is more powerful, it can trigger the earth’s volcanic eruption, can cause mass extinction. An asteroid impact produces much more energy than a nuclear bomb explosion, but such an impact still fails to ignite Jupiter’s hydrogen. It can be seen that the hydrogen on Jupiter can not be ignited by some external means. Therefore, in the movie wandering earth, it is impossible to ignite Jupiter’s atmosphere by using the nuclear explosion in the space station.


If you want to ignite Jupiter, you can only break through from its interior. The sun can burn because of the nuclear fusion reaction at its core. Jupiter has the same amount of hydrogen as the sun. Only by nuclear fusion can it really ignite the atmosphere and make Jupiter burn. Of course, such a thing is basically impossible. Although Jupiter’s mass is very large, its interior is far from stimulating nuclear fusion reaction.

In theory, Jupiter needs to increase its mass by another 80 times before it can ignite the hydrogen fusion inside to become the smallest red dwarf star in the star and burn. The solar system has been stable for a long time, and there is not enough material to increase the mass of Jupiter, so the nuclear fusion reaction inside it is difficult to self excite.


Although we can’t ignite Jupiter now, with the development of science and technology, the future is hard to say. We should know that there is no limit to the power of science and technology. When it develops to a certain extent, human beings can master controllable nuclear fusion, and there will also be methods to artificially stimulate the nuclear fusion reaction inside Jupiter. As long as it is activated inside, it will form a cycle, and use a large number of hydrogen elements on Jupiter to continuously react and become an artificial star. Of course, this kind of star completely violates our current standard for stellar mass.

Of course, even if we can ignite Jupiter and make it burn in the future, we can’t, otherwise it’s not a good thing for the survival of the earth and human beings. You know, now a sun makes us too hot to bear, if there is another sun at that time, the temperature will continue to rise. And Jupiter is the patron saint of the earth, it blocks in front of the earth, blocking countless asteroids for the earth.

If Jupiter is destroyed or its mass is getting smaller, the probability of an asteroid hitting the earth will increase many times, which is not good news. Therefore, it’s the same reason to light Jupiter and dig through the earth. Even if the future scientific and technological strength can do it, we will not be able to do it. It’s destroying the earth and the living home of mankind.


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