Just one drop of water can destroy more than 2000 warships. How powerful is the three body civilization?

How powerful is the three body civilization? Only one drop of water can destroy thousands of human warships!


Liu Cixin’s novel three bodies expresses his unique view of the universe and reflects the gap between alien civilization and human civilization. Human civilization is unique on the earth. In the face of the three body civilization, it is extremely weak. It can destroy human beings by its own efforts. In addition, astronomers also put forward different views. In their view, there is a hierarchy in the universe, and there is a huge gap between different civilizations.


The gap between different levels of civilization


Human beings are equivalent to the lowest civilization in the universe. They can only make use of the resources of the planet they live on. The resources of other planets can’t be touched at all. If they reach the second level civilization, they can make use of the resources of other planets and run freely in the solar system. The third level civilization is the strongest. It can make use of all the resources in the solar system and shuttle freely. This shows the difference between human beings and the third level civilization The gap between the two countries is by no means small. At present, human beings are limited in their ability to use the earth’s resources, which can only reach the level of 0.7 of the lowest civilization. How powerful is the three body civilization? Only one drop of water can destroy thousands of human warships!


Liu Cixin believes that if future human beings can reach the primary civilization of the universe, there will be unprecedented progress. However, there is still a big gap between them and the three body civilization. They belong to the most advanced civilization in the universe and can control everything in the universe. The difference is not just one level. It is said that the three-level civilization can destroy more than 2000 warships of human beings with just a little raindrop.


The power of the third level civilization


These warships are built by human beings through countless efforts. Each warship can exert infinite power. The three body civilization can be defeated directly with a small drop of rain. It can be seen how powerful the three level civilization is. It’s not as easy to make this water drop as you think. It’s hard to make ordinary materials. First of all, the temperature of this water drop should reach 1000 trillion degrees Celsius, which is out of reach.


There have been many wars in human history, many of which used artillery, bows and arrows. In the final analysis, it has a close relationship with the cross civilization level of the universe, from which we can really understand the gap between civilizations. So far, human beings are speeding up the pace of looking for other civilizations. Although we have not found them, it is not a bad thing. We can not determine whether those civilizations will use high technology and how can they compete with them with human power?


Hawking warned human beings not to try to find alien civilizations. They are very terrible, but human beings are still unmoved. Frequent signals are sent to space, which may directly expose the earth’s coordinate position. If these alien civilizations are really angered, they will attack human beings, and the power of human beings is not worth mentioning at all. Human beings are very lucky. So far, they have not found the existence of other civilizations. However, we should always be vigilant. The absence of discovery does not mean that they do not exist. When we find them, how should we deal with them? You can leave a message for interaction.

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