Kangaroo to stay in her mother’s bag for half a year, that little kangaroo on the toilet how to do?

If we talk about the most wonderful animal in the animal world, kangaroo can definitely be ranked on the list. Kangaroo is one of the animals with the best genes. It is born as a strong animal boxer and champion of long jump. It is said that kangaroo can jump as far as 12 meters and as high as 4 meters. It is almost the same as ordinary people’s running just by jumping. However, these are not the most peculiar places. I believe many people remember that the first characteristic of kangaroo is the pocket of kangaroo. If we take the kangaroo family as an example, this is not a pocket, but a nursery bag. As the name suggests, this kind of nursery bag is only owned by the female kangaroo. So let’s talk about the function of kangaroo pouch.


In fact, the function of kangaroo’s pouch is the same as our uterus, but this pouch is high-end integrated. How to integrate the two? Kangaroo’s pouch is used for womb, feeding and baby carriage. First of all, the kangaroo will put the baby kangaroo into the pouch after giving birth to the baby kangaroo. The newborn kangaroo is only about the size of a peanut. At this time, the baby kangaroo is very fragile, and the pouch of the kangaroo mother can mention the function of protecting the baby kangaroo.

What’s very interesting is that the nipples of female kangaroos grow in the pouch, and the baby kangaroos can directly suck the breast milk in the pouch, and there are four nipples in the pouch, even if they have more children, it doesn’t affect at all. When the kangaroo grows up slowly, the mother kangaroo’s nursery bag functions as a stroller. The kangaroo often needs to live in the mother kangaroo’s pocket for several months before it can develop completely. After several months of growth, the kangaroo will have the ability to walk independently.


However, this leads to a problem. The baby kangaroo’s food and drink are all in the mother kangaroo’s pouch. What should the baby kangaroo do if he wants to go to the toilet? In fact, when living in the pouch, the baby kangaroo goes to the toilet in the pouch of the mother kangaroo. After giving birth, the mother kangaroo will clean the pouch every day.


However, the mother kangaroo does not have mops and brooms, so the only way to clean the pouch is to use her tongue. What the kangaroo excretes will also be eaten by the mother kangaroo in the process of cleaning. After all, it is rich in nutrition, which is called resource reuse. To solve the toilet problem of baby kangaroo, the mother kangaroo will also bathe the baby kangaroo and the nursery bag. As for how to wash it, it’s just a matter of licking it with her tongue.

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