Kerr black hole, one of the most perfect matter in the universe

Black holes are formed by the explosion and death of stars, in which the huge mass and gravity make it impossible for everything inhaled, even light, to escape.

But did you know that there is a kind of black hole called Kerr black hole, which is one of the few black holes in the universe that can escape. Although their mass is large, they are perfectly static compared with their rotation speed.

Kerr black hole is one of the most perfect objects

Physicists from the University of Washington in the United States and French scholars have successfully simulated the image of Kerr black hole. Unlike its complex theoretical model, the image is surprisingly simple.

This result not only helps to better understand the structure of Kerr black hole and the gravitational field of rotating black hole, but also can compare the theoretical hypothesis with the image, and promote the further improvement of the theory. The center of this kind of black hole is a strange ring with two horizons.

The inner horizon is the boundary of the singularity of the black hole, while the outer horizon is an inescapable boundary. This means that once you fall into the outer horizon, you will not be immediately destroyed by the singularity of the black hole, but you will inevitably fall into the inner horizon.

Generally speaking, Kerr’s black hole drags the space-time around it as it rotates. This kind of Kerr black hole with angular momentum is known as one of the most perfect objects in nature, and its conservation laws and theoretical hypotheses are still mysterious 40 years after its appearance.

Kerr black hole can escape from it

The static boundary is not the real boundary of Kerr black hole, because it can still escape after entering the static boundary. The interlayer between the static and event horizons is called the energy layer.

The Kerr black hole may be connected with the white hole, so the object entering the Kerr black hole may come out of the white hole as long as it does not hit the odd ring. Kerr black hole is a kind of black hole with angular momentum predicted by Einstein’s field equation. It is one of the two kinds of rotating black holes.

Einstein equation has an exact solution which only depends on these two parameters. According to the research of scientists, Kerr black hole is likely to connect the two worlds, but this is only a conjecture! The details need to be verified.

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