Known as the mysterious zone of human forbidden zone, boulders can still “walk”, scientists have revealed the answer!

Scientists have found out the reason for the mysterious area where boulders can walk. It turns out that it causes this illusion!

There are many appalling forbidden zones for human beings on the earth. It is said that there will always be many missing cases in these places, and many people will die here. For example, in Bermuda delta, airplanes or ships will disappear for no reason. No trace of them can be found, and they will be labeled with mystery.

At the same time, there is also the world-famous Death Valley in the United States, with a total length of 225 kilometers, surrounded by cliffs. It is located in the bottom of the desert valley, and the terrain is very dangerous. Because of its special topography, it has become a park of nature. On the whole, it gives people a very attractive feeling, but it has the title of death valley. Why on earth? Scientists have found out the reason for the mysterious area where boulders can walk. It turns out that it causes this illusion!

The origin of the name of death valley in the United States

Some explorers once came here and described the scene. Although it seems deserted, there are all kinds of animals. Due to the bad environment, they have different abilities and habits. If a gust of wind blows, strange sounds will be heard. Only brave people will find it very exciting here. For those with weak survival ability, they may have heart disease. Animal remains are often found here. It is said that in the 1840s, someone discovered a gold mine in this place. In order to find the treasure, a large number of people came to mine.

In 1849, a gold digger missed the best time, so he ventured over the mountain, but finally he lost his life. At the beginning, they were stunned by the beautiful scenery in front of them. Due to the complex terrain, they lingered for decades, but still did not walk out of the canyon. Only a few survivors survived. At that time, the survivors who could survive called it Death Valley, so it got its nickname. When an inspector inspected the place, he also found a stunning sight. A kind of stone could walk alone and leave footprints. This discovery aroused people’s curiosity.

Scientists discover walking boulders

It was not until the 21st century that the mystery behind it was revealed. The weight of these stones is not light. The reason why they can walk on their own is that the temperature of the canyon becomes very low every night. Under the effect of low temperature, a layer of thin ice forms around the stones. When the temperature rises in the daytime, the thin ice melts and the wind pushes it to move. When the river bed dries out, the traces of its movement will show. It is affected by water, ice, temperature and wind, which forms the illusion seen by human beings. People can’t help sighing how magical nature is.

In fact, there are many unexplained phenomena in life, which can be followed by laws. However, human beings have not found an entrance, so they can only guess constantly. This valley of death in the United States is very magical, exciting and frightening. Only bold people will explore here. For example, some timid people should not. What do you think of the valley of death in the United States? You can leave a message for interaction.

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