Kola ultra deep drilling dug out “hell”, there are demons flying out, there are people crying in pain

Human exploration of space has been able to get out of the solar system, but it is very difficult to explore the foot of the earth where we live. It is also very difficult to drill a 3000 km deep well. Moreover, when drilling deep underground, the drill bit often melts or disappears inexplicably. The melting point of the drill bit is almost equal to the temperature of the sun’s surface. And the depth of drilling is not even the surface of the earth. We can see how mysterious the depth of the land under our feet is.

In 1970, the Soviet Union set up a scientific research drilling team to drill the deepest well in the world for research. The exploration work began on May 24, 1970. Only a few of the thousands of researchers were able to participate in the research. All those who took part in the drilling work were allocated a Moscow apartment, and the monthly salary during the working period reached the annual salary of a university professor for one year. Sixteen laboratories have been set up to study the core. The whole research project was carried out under the direct leadership of the former Soviet Union geology minister.


The whole drilling work took 24 years and ended in 1994. The drilling depth of the well has reached 12000m. Therefore, it is decided to stop further drilling. The last 262 meters were carried out in 1983-1993, which took ten years. The official reason for stopping drilling is lack of funds. According to insiders, the real reason is that there are some supernatural phenomena in the well. Drilling technicians assured reporters that there was no funding problem at all, and drilling work had to be stopped due to “demons” coming out from the bottom of the well.

We noticed that the first 12000 meters seemed to be very smooth. It took about 13 years, but the last 262 meters took 10 years to drill down. What’s the matter? Is the reason for stopping drilling because it can’t go down? At that time, the official reason for stopping drilling was the lack of funds. However, the internal staff revealed that it was not because of frequent problems, and the funds were sufficient. The main reason was that when the drilling reached 12000 meters, suddenly a “demon” came out from the bottom of the well, and the drilling work had to be stopped.


This monster has blue head, tusks and wings. Such a monster came out of the ground, and the drilling work was forced to stop. But after a period of time, the drilling continued. But at this time, it was found that the drilling was extremely difficult. Every centimeter forward was extremely difficult. The drill bit was changed one by one, and so on. In 1993, it went down 262 meters again, but it took ten years for the 262 meters. It’s incredible. When we reached 12262 meters, something more terrible happened.

At this time, a strange sound was made from the well. For some researchers, a heat-resistant microphone was put into the well. At the same time, other types of sensors were put in, recording a very strange sound like “human roar”. But people at the scene swore that the sound they heard was like the cry of a sinner in hell; then, suddenly, they heard a strong explosion that nature had never heard before. After the recorded sound was played, we heard bursts of shrill and tragic screams, as if countless people were suffering greatly.


At this point, the government and scientific research personnel dare not continue to carry on. If they insist on doing nothing, there will be more terrible things to happen, and some things are listed as highly confidential and should not be spread.

The sound or the monster of the runner coming from the real drilling well can show a problem. The underground is not as simple as we think. In some historical records, there are descriptions of underground civilization. It is said that there is an advanced civilization inside the earth, and they even appeared much earlier than the human beings on the ground. People used to look at it as a legend. How could there be any living things under the earth? It is even more impossible for civilization to exist, but it has been proved that there are creatures in the earth, which means that the earth is not solid, and there must be a huge underground world. As for when we can uncover the secret of the underground, we can only enter the underground easily when the future technology develops to a certain extent.

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