Kunlun Mountain and the same name of the desert, found a lot of earth resources, lit after the discovery of strange scene!

Kunlun Mountain and the same name of the desert, found a lot of earth resources, lit after the discovery of strange scene!


Kunlun Mountain has the reputation of the mountain of ten thousand ancestors, and its prominent position is praised by the world. According to ancient mythology, there is an immortal living in Kunlun mountain. She is the queen mother of the West. It makes people feel immortal in Kunlun Mountain for a moment. However, what is unexpected is that there is a death valley in Kunlun mountain. It is a place where herdsmen would rather starve their cattle or sheep than set foot. It is full of crisis and frightening.


Scientists found a huge fire pit


According to the news, the valley of death is often accompanied by terrible thunder and lightning, people who go there have no room to maneuver, many people call it the gate of hell. No one dares to go to this kind of life seeking place. In addition, there is another place as famous as death valley in Kunlun mountain. It is a huge fire pit. It is mainly located in the Karakum Desert. The area of Karakum Desert is huge, reaching 350000 square kilometers at one time. It is dry all the year round, and there are few vegetation here. It is a desolation. Kunlun Mountain and the same name of the desert, found a lot of earth resources, lit after the discovery of strange scene!


According to the understanding of scientists, the annual rainfall of this desert is less than 200 mm, even if there are creatures, there is nothing they can do to survive here. What is puzzling is that there are oases around it, and there are a lot of petrochemical resources. So where is the so-called gate of hell in the desert? In 1971, the Soviet Union’s geological survey team explored nearby, but did not expect that the ground collapsed, which made many people embarrassed. Then scientists soon found that there was a large amount of natural gas directly below this place.


It is said that if the natural gas is released, it will bring heavy poisonous gas and cause explosion anytime and anywhere. Scientists have made a bold decision to light the hole. They thought the hole would burn up soon. Unexpectedly, 40 years later, the fire here still has no sign of extinction. From a distance, it looks like a blazing fire, which makes people dare not get close to it.


What happened after burning for so long?


It never occurred to me that this burning attracted the curiosity of countless tourists. Every year, tens of thousands of tourists come to watch it and become a famous tourist attraction. This kind of picture looks very shocking. Many people sigh that the natural gas has been directly wasted. Natural gas is a kind of non renewable energy. A lot of resources in human life are related to natural gas. How can people not feel sorry if so much natural gas is burned? After careful calculation, if the natural gas is replaced by oil, human beings will waste at least 100 tons of oil, and the data is amazing.


Some scientists have predicted that oil resources will be exhausted in the next 50 years. Now the so-called gate of hell is wasting resources wantonly. One day, these resources will be exhausted. What resources should mankind use to replace them? This cave has become a major tourist attraction unintentionally, but it wastes a lot of resources, which is obviously not desirable. What’s your comment on this? You can leave a message for interaction.

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