Kunlun Mountain is known as “holy mountain”. Why is it still listed as a forbidden area? Look at this strange thing!

Why is Kunlun Mountain listed as a forbidden area for human beings? A strange thing 37 years ago, put on the veil of mystery!


There are too many areas in the world that human beings have not yet set foot in. Facing these areas that have not yet been touched, human beings have been making constant progress. Speaking of Kunlun Mountain, the first impression you must have on it is that it is very immortal. It often appears in many TV dramas and has the reputation of the first sacred mountain in China. Its total length has reached 2500 kilometers and the average altitude is about 6000 meters. It is understood that it covers an area of no less than 500000 square kilometers, covering a wide area. It is located in the central part of Asia and is more like a sleeping dragon.


Since ancient times, there are many myths and legends about it. These myths and legends once again cast a mysterious veil on Kunlun mountain. Many people hold a heart of awe and yearning for Kunlun mountain. However, Kunlun Mountain has been listed as a forbidden area for a long time, which makes people feel shivering again. Why on earth? It has the reputation of the first holy mountain. Why don’t many people dare to enter it? Why is Kunlun Mountain listed as a forbidden area for human beings? A strange thing 37 years ago, put on the veil of mystery!


There is no obvious difference between the surface of Kunlun Mountain and other scenic spots. The internal environment is mild. Since a strange event happened in the 1990s, many people dare not go to see it. In 1983, an investigation team entered the canyon for scientific investigation. Since there were people here before, the team wanted to see what natural activities happened here.


When the investigation team entered the canyon entrance, he suddenly met a rancher. He was very worried and told that his horses had lost, hoping that they could help find them. Then the investigation team went their separate ways and started their own work. Unexpectedly, only a few days later, the investigation team found the rancher’s body in the canyon. His face was very sad. His eyes were wide open and he fell to the ground. His face was black as if he had been poisoned. Because there was no trace of poisoning on his body, no one could determine the cause of his death.


In order to find out the truth of the rancher’s death, the team had to explore. On the second day, an accident happened again. Due to the abnormal weather in the canyon, there was a burst of thunder. When the team members looked up at the sky, it was suddenly dark. There is no sign of a thunderstorm suddenly hit the earth, at this time, there are several players fell down in an instant. After the tour around, the team found that most of the ranchers’ horses were killed by lightning, and many plants were not spared. Once an animal enters the canyon and is struck by lightning, it will become the primary target of being struck by lightning, which is very frightening.


Therefore, the canyon entrance of Kunlun Mountain has always been garrisoned, and few people dare to explore it. It has become a forbidden area for human beings. A strange event inside has once again painted a mysterious veil on Kunlun mountain. No matter how curious about Kunlun Mountain, for the sake of life safety, many people will retreat from it. What’s your understanding of Kunlun mountain? You can leave a message for interaction.

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