La Nina has basically confirmed that the super cold wave is ready to start, this year may usher in a cold winter!

Lanina’s on her way? Super cold wave or swept many places, two days plummeted 35 degrees!

Some time ago, the earth was completely changed by global warming, and now it has not been alleviated. The high temperature in many places continues to spread, and there is no sign of improvement. In recent two days, the residents of the western United States have been living in a hot atmosphere, and the conditions are good. Staying in the air conditioning room every day is a fatal injury to those who are in poor conditions. It can be done anytime, anywhere It can be heated to death.

The environment in the western part of the United States is too bad. Satellite images show that there are a large number of cloud clusters in the northern part of the United States. It seems that the cold wave is in the process of advancing. The cold wave may be sweeping, and heavy rainfall or heavy snowfall may appear in many areas. How severe is the cold wave? According to the prediction of scientists, this may be the biggest cold wave in the history of the United States. The cold wave may cause a howling north wind and heavy snow. The temperature in Denver, the United States, which is in high temperature, will also drop to about zero. The decrease is too large, and there may be snow. Lanina’s on her way? Super cold wave or swept many places, two days plummeted 35 degrees!

Causes of abnormal climate in the United States

Supercomputers show that most of Colorado, northern New Mexico and other areas may see the first snowfall at night. Due to the extremely high temperature before, these high-altitude areas will appear snow only when there is a large amount of snowfall. Now Colorado has issued a winter storm warning. It is obvious that this kind of climate in the United States is very abnormal, and the topography of the United States is similar to that of China Quite different, resulting in different climatic conditions.

For the United States, it is not blocked by so many mountains and plateaus. Most of them are flat plains, and the cold air can reach the Gulf of Mexico. The United States may usher in the most extreme weather and climate. In addition, the Pacific may also develop in a bad direction. La Nina is in progress, and the climate model is quietly changing.

The possible impact of La Nina

The active typhoon and heavy rainfall in August are all signs of climate change. If the weather in Lanina is worse than that in North America, we should be alert. In the future, there may be more abnormal weather around the world, which is difficult to alleviate. Even if La Nina disappears, it will take a long time for the earth to return to normal. One second before global warming, the next second La Nina swept by, the emergence of these disasters in succession, has made mankind unbearable.

They seem to be natural disasters. In fact, they have a great relationship with human activities. Everyone thinks that the earth is safe and sound, but the earth is suffering. Extreme climate change has proved that the earth’s climate is close to the critical point. If human beings do not take some actions, they may usher in a disaster. It can be said that one wave is not smooth, another wave is rising, and scientists are worried about it We can find a solution to the problem, at least before the disaster, there are defensive measures. What do you think of the disasters this year? You can leave a message for interaction.

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