La Nina may be on her way! China’s south has encountered a rare “cold September”. Will it freeze into a dog this year?

2020 has entered the late September, I believe many friends in the South also feel the threat of cold air. In many southern cities, the temperature drops directly from 30 to 40 degrees to 20 degrees during the day, which makes us unprepared. According to the meteorological data, as of September 27, the temperature in China was significantly colder, especially in Guizhou, Hunan and Chongqing. The temperature in many places was low, reaching 2-4 degrees.

Cold September in the South

The National Meteorological Center has also compared the current average temperature with the temperature in the same period of previous years. The low temperature of this year means that it is colder than in previous years. This means that since September, many cities in southern China are seriously on the low side. This September has become a cold September. What causes this? Has La Nina affected our country?

According to the observation of scientists, during this period of time, the activity of the westerly belt in China was very intense, and the cold air turned rapidly, and continuously entered the cities in southern China. From August to September, the temperature in many areas of Siberia is on the high side, and it drops sharply in China. After seeing such a temperature difference, scientists believe that the reason for this situation may have a lot to do with La Nina.

La Nina has appeared

Some time ago, NOAA of the United States has clearly pointed out that La Nina has appeared, and there is a 75% probability that it will spread throughout the winter. Even if it disappears, the weather will not improve immediately, and human beings should continue to pay attention to climate change. After seeing this phenomenon, many people will think of the great snow disaster in 2008. At that time, there was a very serious snow disaster in the south of China. At that time, it was the new year. Just when we were celebrating the new year, the ground was covered with heavy ice and snow, many wires and lines were frozen, traffic accidents occurred frequently, and crops were not harvested. Many people were deeply impressed by that year. Is this year going to repeat the mistakes of 2008?

Are we all going to freeze into dogs?

Scientists believe that even if September of this year has begun to get cold, it will probably be a warm winter for China. Global warming has become more and more obvious, even if it occurs, the extent of cooling is not as high as the frequency of warming. Therefore, scientists believe that in the situation of rising temperature, although it will make the temperature fluctuate, the probability of reaching the intensity of 2008 is relatively low.

Of course, this is also the speculation made by scientists according to the current situation. Whether Lanina will appear in China still needs close attention. What we can do is to use technology to predict weather changes, but we can’t intervene. Even if it’s a warm winter this year, we can’t take it lightly. We should keep in mind the importance of keeping warm and cold. After all, winter is too hard.

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