Learn these five methods, even if you don’t need a bottle opener can open beer, the last one can open the bottle by hand

When people go out to drink beer, they often forget to bring the bottle opener, or because of the trouble, they don’t want to find the bottle opener, so they want to use a simpler method to quickly turn on the beer. Some small methods are really easy and convenient. Let’s have a look.


1、 If you have a very sharp scissors, slowly cut a circle along the cap, the cap will fall off naturally.

2、 Pry the fork open. There are small protrusions around the bottle cap. You can gently open the bottle cap by slowly prying the fork into the empty space.


3、 It’s the most common way to pry with a hard object. Whether it’s a spoon, a lighter, a belt buckle, or even a small square made of A4 paper, we can try to pry open the bottle cap, but remember not to face people. It’s not good to prevent the bottle cap from popping up on other people’s face or body and causing small injuries.


4、 Use the platform. Put the edge of the bottle cap on a hard platform, similar to a table. You can easily open the bottle cap by patting it with your palm, but you’d better not try it on a wooden table. The metal bottle cap will damage the wooden table.

5、 Two beer bottles borrow from each other. In fact, the principle is the same as that of prying open a hard object. The bottle with the bottom bottle mouth facing up will be opened.


6、 Use a lighter to burn the bottle cap. Because of heat expansion and cold contraction, the bottle cap should be loose. At this time, you can easily take the bottle cap away with your hands. However, you must try the temperature to avoid hot hands.


There are so many ways to open beer. Most of them use the force or “rush” force to open the beer instantaneously, but there are many cases of injury caused by this “abnormal” method of opening the beer. Improper use of the force is likely to cause the explosion of the beer bottle, including the method of using a lighter to burn the bottle cap. Although it is the use of heat expansion and cold contraction, it may also cause the gas in the bottle to become hot and rush out of the bottle. Summer is hot, friends get together, drinking beer is originally a happy thing, we advise you not to easily try, or try to choose the most “gentle” way, or wait for the bottle opener to open the beer, open the beer also must not to others, so as not to cause unnecessary harm

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