Learn this method, you only need 1.5 hours of sleep a day to be energetic

Da Vinci sleep method is a kind of monophasic sleep method that people are used to, which is divided into polyphasic sleep method. The so-called monophasic sleep is a sleep of 6-8 hours; more than one sleep a day, not only at night, but also occasionally after a nap is called polyphasic sleep.


Da Vinci is known as a great man. In order to have more time to work every day, Da Vinci slept 15 minutes every 4 hours. In this way, he spent less than 1.5 hours on sleeping every day. This sleep method is also called uberman sleep.

From uberman sleep evolved a sleep method called Everyman sleep.


This sleep method is more flexible than uberman sleep. This kind of sleep method mainly sleeps 3 hours every day, then sleeps 3 times separately 20 minutes nap.


Does this kind of genius sleep really work? Scientists and the military are also competing to experiment. As early as many years ago, a famous Italian physicist did this test on a sailor. The experiment lasted for more than two months. After various tests, the sailor found that his logic and memory did not change much.

But not every test is successful. A man named Jackson experimented with this method himself. He mainly slept 4.5 hours a day, twice during the day, 20 minutes at a time. Two days ago, Jackson had a very painful life. He couldn’t concentrate on his work. By the fourth day, he felt that his brain was unable to do anything. On the seventh day, she couldn’t do anything. Later, he decided to go back to bed and make up for the sleep~~


There’s another interesting thing. A long time ago, a painter imitated Da Vinci’s sleep method and proved that it was effective. But after half a year, he went back to sleeping eight hours a night. When people asked him why, he said with a smile that he was not a genius. Facing the extra time every day, he didn’t know what to do~


From this point of view, whether we can adhere to this kind of genius sleep method depends on whether we have great ambition, but Xiaobian actually wants to know, who has tried this method? Why don’t we challenge together?

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