Let me tell you in four ways: if water drops fall from high altitude, will they kill people?

The first argument: liquid water, the so-called rain, is condensed into small water droplets from the clouds in the high altitude, and the raindrops fall under the action of gravity and airflow. Even if the raindrops are very large, they will be blown away by the airflow in the process of falling. The raindrops will be resisted by the air in the process of falling, and their own gravity will be reduced, so the first argument will not kill people. So friends, don’t define it too early. This is just the beginning.


The second way of saying: if a water drop falls down without considering evaporation, it will become a real free falling body. What will happen? Water droplets in vacuum will boil, absorb heat, part of them will evaporate, and the other part will form ice. In the process of falling, it is an accelerating process. It will hit the earth directly, let alone one person, even if all the creatures on the earth will be threatened.

Third: what would it look like if water fell from the sky with an atmosphere? If friends throw a bucket of water in the sky, the result will not be essentially different from that of raindrops, and the water will be decomposed due to air flow or various resistance reasons, but friends should not be happy too early. Just imagine, if you throw a bucket of water or more in the sky, the water will not have time to decompose the resistance of wind in the process of falling, as you can imagine, it will be It’s a devastating disaster!


The fourth argument: solid water, the so-called hail, the shape and density of hail and water droplets have a small difference, but its advantage is hardness, with this advantage in the process of falling will not be blocked by the wind and decomposition, can ensure that the impact of falling from high altitude is much greater than raindrops, the diameter of large hail can reach about 15cm, the falling speed can reach 50m/ Second, and then fall on the head? It’s not surprising that there are many cases of hail injuries.


Friends also know the above statement. Whether water falls from high altitude can hurt people depends on the situation.

What’s your opinion? Welcome to forward comments below. thank you!

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