Let others dispose of her, delusion of a good ending, she can no longer help crying!

Let others dispose of her, delusion of a good ending, she can no longer help crying!


From the birth of human civilization to the present, there are countless problems perplexing scientists. Apart from the mystery of the origin of human beings and the boundary of the universe, the good and bad of human nature is still an unsolved mystery. Everyone has the ability to distinguish good from bad. When a person is forced to despair, his mind is more extreme. The good and evil of human heart are only in one thought. Scientists can’t give an accurate answer to whether human nature is good or evil.


What is human nature?


In the view of philosopher Mencius, human nature is good, a person is kind from birth, the influence of the acquired environment makes the character change. Xunzi has different views on human nature. There are many kinds of views on human nature. Confucius’ view is the most convincing. Human nature is like a river. It is more in line with modern people’s view that it will flow in whatever direction it guides. People’s character is not born, it can be formed by the day after tomorrow. A person who seems to be very kind at ordinary times will also do some evil things. The evil in his heart is unexpected. Let others dispose of her, delusion of a good ending, she can no longer help crying!


An artist experimented for answers


There was once an artist who used herself to do experiments on human nature. In order to have a thorough understanding of human nature, she anesthetized her body and left it to others. The result was disappointing. She was Marina Abramovich. As an artist, she has bold and radical ideas, and the problem of human nature has plagued her all the year round. It was not until 1974 that she finally decided to make an experiment in Naples, a city of art with a long history. People living here have high quality and self-cultivation. She tried to find the true meaning of life here.


She prepared dozens of items, including roses, scissors and other lethal weapons. She promised the onlookers that anyone could use the items, and signed a disclaimer. The purpose was obvious. She used drugs to keep her head clear. At the beginning, many people held a curious attitude, and then someone began to graffiti on her body everywhere. Seeing that she didn’t respond, she became more courageous. She also pricked her skin with roses and cut her clothes with scissors. Not long after that, more and more people joined the ranks.


When the experiment was about to end, she felt her heart broke down and someone wanted to hit her head with a pistol. Unfortunately, her body could not move. At the critical moment of life and death, the staff finally rushed out to stop their behavior. The experiment lasted for six hours. Marina witnessed the witness’s good and evil. After the end, no one gave her a hug, her heart felt very sad. Obviously, this experiment is extremely dangerous. When you give your decision to others, they have a high probability of killing you.


Many seemingly gentle and easy-going people are not necessarily good people. They are often confused by his appearance. Human nature is the most complex and changeable, but also the most elusive. When a person is in a desperate situation, he may lose the bottom line of morality, break through the constraints of the law, and make some irreparable behaviors. If he wants to have a thorough understanding of human nature, it needs to be studied deeply. What do you think of human nature through this experiment? You can leave a message for interaction.

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