Lianfake “pit” of the thousand yuan game mobile phone, netizen: summer with its pancake is very delicious!

I believe everyone has found that consumers now pay more and more attention to the entertainment function of mobile phones when they buy mobile phones, especially the student party. Because the pressure of learning is too great at ordinary times, they also need to take some time to ease their learning pressure by playing mobile games. Especially when they have a black tie with their roommates and classmates, that feeling should be for all who have stepped into the society I miss it all the time.

For some people who often play mobile games, we should also know that with the continuous updating of mobile games, the requirements for mobile phone configuration are becoming higher and higher. If the mobile phone configuration is not very good, how to play the game will definitely get stuck. Even if the game is more fluent, the overall game experience will not be very good.

Therefore, for most of the student party, especially boys, they will have an inexplicable preference for game mobile phones. However, we should know that in general, the price of E-sports mobile phones specially used for playing games is relatively high, and few student party can make money to buy such expensive mobile phones with their own ability.

So in this situation, Hongmi seized the opportunity to launch a 1000 yuan game mobile phone, namely Hongmi note8 series, which is equipped with the first game processor of MediaTek, namely g90t. The price of this mobile phone is not very high. The pro version is currently between 1500 yuan and 1700 yuan. And I believe everyone still has some impression. Before and after the release of Hongmi note8 series, Hongmi officials have repeatedly publicized the processor g90t of MediaTek, and infinitely enlarged the performance of the processor in the game. But is the performance of the processor g90t of MediaTek so exaggerated as the official said?

Xiaobian learned from the user’s evaluation that, in fact, lianfake g90t is not as strong as Internet users or the official said. Although in the same price models, the lianfake g90t carried by Hongmi note8pro is indeed more fluent than ordinary mobile phones when playing games, but at the same time, there is a very serious problem, that is, serious fever, through some third-party sales We can also see from the user evaluation of the platform that many users have reflected the problem of mobile phone fever, which is not an ordinary fever. Most users use the four words “serious fever” to describe it. There are even users joking: in summer, when you play games with red rice note8pro, the fuselage is so hot that it’s delicious to use it to make a pancake!

Although the Hongmi note 8pro mobile phone does add liquid cooling technology, the actual effect is not very obvious, especially when charging the mobile phone or playing games, the temperature of the mobile phone will rise sharply, and even feel a little hot in summer. So many netizens think that Hongmi note8pro is a very powerful mobile phone, but it was eventually cheated by Lianfa branch. If Xiaolong’s middle end processing system was chosen at the beginning, perhaps the sales volume of this mobile phone would be higher than now. I don’t know what people think of it?

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