Life has a beginning but no end? Einstein found the problem, the speech subverts human cognition!

Life has a beginning but no end? Einstein found the problem, the speech subverts human cognition!

From birth to disappearance of a life is an extremely complex process. Up to now, we can’t solve the mystery of the origin of life. It involves too many theories, which can’t be explained clearly with the existing production of human knowledge. What kind of state does life exist after it ends? This problem has puzzled scientists for many years. Every life has its end. In recent years, we have more or less learned about the universe. There are more secrets hidden in the universe than we think.

Once upon a time, some people thought that once human life disappeared, everything would return to the origin, and even ideological activities would no longer exist. In many folk rumors, it is said that human beings are reincarnated. This is a process of gradual cycle, which sounds incredible. However, there have been many cases of reincarnation in history. Because the authenticity of reincarnation remains to be studied, scientists can not easily come to a conclusion. Life has a beginning but no end? Einstein found the problem, the speech subverts human cognition!

Einstein’s comments

In Einstein’s research, he believed that matter and energy are constantly transforming and will not disappear out of thin air. After the loss of energy supply, the material made up of human body will return to nature, but consciousness will not dissipate naturally. It will circulate again in the universe, and it would be better to be able to find a dependent body. In the related research of quantum mechanics, it is pointed out that human’s subjective consciousness is the main condition of consciousness activity, and it will have some connection with consciousness anytime and anywhere.

The universe is a multi-dimensional space. Human beings have been in three-dimensional space for a long time and know nothing about other high-dimensional space. After death, human beings may enter another dimension, which can not be touched by human ability. If so, our life has no end at all, and the body is not the only condition for life. In the relevant experiments, scientists also found some strong evidence.

Near death experiments done by scientists

One of the experiments is called the near death experiment. The subjects of the experiment are people on the verge of death. When they are dying, they can not only see the doctor who rescued them, but also hear all the sounds around them. The most difficult thing to control is the body to fly upward. Unless the doctor rescues them back to their own body, the body will keep rising. The meaning of a person’s existence is to explore himself and uncover the mystery of life in a limited time. It may never have an answer, but the process is beautiful. When a person is alive, he should cherish everything he has, and don’t regret until he has lost it. At that point, he can’t control his body at all, so he can only sit and wait for his death.

In fact, there is no reasonable explanation for the mystery of the origin of life, and scientists are still trying to find out. Will people really enter another dimensional space after death? Does life have reincarnation? Scientists are puzzled by one problem after another. Maybe when human science and technology are developed enough, these problems will be revealed one by one. What do you think of life? You can leave a message for interaction.

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