Life lies in sports, but six wrong sports can cause great damage

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I believe many friends have heard such a saying: “life lies in sports”. It’s true that people’s health and vitality need constant exercise. If they don’t do much activity in bed every day, it’s easy for them to have all kinds of physical problems after a long time. Now people living in the city have a kind of “office disease”. The main reason for this kind of disease is that people who have been working in the office for a long time lack of exercise, which makes them in a sub-health state at a young age.

Not only young people need more exercise, but also middle-aged and old people need more exercise, so that the body has a strong immune ability and makes the body more healthy. Now more and more people have begun to realize the importance of sports, especially for the middle-aged and elderly people. Every morning and evening, we can see a large number of sports people in the square, especially in summer when the weather turns hot.

Although exercise is a good thing, more exercise is conducive to health, but if improper exercise, the use of the wrong way of exercise, not only will not bring their own health, but will cause physical loss, sometimes will bring irreparable lifelong paralysis. So what wrong exercise methods will bring damage to the body? Let’s explain the six wrong ways of movement.

1、 Incorrect sit ups, sit ups is a very common exercise, it does not need us to go out of the door, at home can easily complete the goal of exercise. It is because sit ups are relatively simple and convenient, so it is loved by many people, especially women like to do sit ups, because it can effectively reduce the stomach.

Maybe many people think that sit ups are so simple, no matter how to do it, it is beneficial to the body. But more and more evidence shows that if this sport is done wrong, the damage to the body is far greater than the benefit, and there are even reports of paralysis caused by cervical spine injury. Sit ups will multiply the pressure on our spine, and because the spine is in a bending state, the muscles at the waist can not effectively provide protection and are more prone to injury.

So when you are ready to insist on using sit ups to exercise, you must master the normal method. First of all, we must lie on a flat floor, remember to be flat, if it doesn’t affect the movement, then curl your knees to about 90 degrees, keep your back close to the ground, and put your hands on both sides of your ears.

Then, the abdomen should start to exert force and let our head and upper body slowly leave the ground. After that, slowly lift your body off the ground. At this time, make sure to use your waist and abdomen to support your body with your hands or feet. Then, close the upper body to the knee, pay attention to the upper body must be straight, feel the abdomen again, do not head too forward.

Finally, slowly use the waist strength, and then restore the upper body to a flat state. Remember that in these processes, if your feet cannot move, the movement effect will not be achieved. In the whole process, the action must be soft, not too hard, especially for the new sit ups, they may not even be able to do one. At this time, don’t be reluctant, you can take it slowly. As long as you stick to it, the sit ups will be more and more relaxed and can achieve the goal of fitness.

2、 Excessive leg pressure. If we don’t practice our legs since childhood, it’s very difficult for us to lift our legs over the top of our head when we grow up. At this time, we need to press our legs to gradually open the muscles and tendons of our legs. This process is very uncomfortable and dangerous. We need professional teachers to guide us.

If you are an adult and want to exercise your leg muscles by pressing your leg, you should be very careful. If you don’t do it properly, it’s easy to hurt your leg. Now in the park, we often see that some middle-aged and old people also like to press their legs very much. They put one on the railing or stone bench and bow their waist while pressing their legs and chatting. Some old people will compare with each other whose legs are higher. In fact, this wrong way of leg pressing is harmful to the lumbar spine of the elderly.

Therefore, we should press our legs as high as we can. We should press our legs with a comfortable height instead of compulsively completing the dangerous height. For young people, even if there is a little damage to their legs, they will soon recover. But for middle-aged and old people, once the tension leads to leg damage or lumbar spine injury, they may fall for a long time It’s a lot of damage.

3、 Dangerous backward walking. I don’t know when middle-aged and old people like it. If it’s forward walking, we can easily understand that it’s a normal way of exercise. But is there any difference between backward walking and forward walking? In fact, there is no difference. On the contrary, going backwards is prone to danger.

Our eyes are long in front of us. We can see things in front of us and avoid dangerous things in time. But if it’s reversed, we can’t see the back. Although you are very familiar with the area you choose to reverse and know that there are no obstacles, there is no absolute safety in everything. Once there is an accident, such as a car suddenly appears, a child plays and throws an object on the way you reverse, you can’t see the danger behind, so it’s easy to fall back accidentally.

We should know that the risk of falling backward is far greater than that of falling forward, especially for the elderly, the most fear is accidental fall. So do not do the reverse line, for their own safety, want to walk or move forward.

4、 Crawling exercise, which requires a high level of core muscles of waist and abdomen, is not suitable for the elderly. Wrists, knees and more serious cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease patients are not suitable for crawling exercise.

5、 Hitting trees, Xiaobian doesn’t know when it will become popular. This kind of fitness method may follow the development of some short videos. When you see other people using their bodies to hit trees for exercise, you should try it yourself. But this kind of exercise is not a healthy way. In the past, we used to describe pigs as stupid by bumping into trees. We should not learn from pigs, but also use our bodies to bump into trees.

6、 Dangerous marathon, marathon is an international sport, is a way of sports that many people like, but also the ultimate challenge in running. Many people like marathons just to break through their limits. Therefore, in recent years, “marathon fever” and “running fever” have swept across China.

Many people want to challenge the marathon, to participate in the marathon race, but in the end not only did not challenge success, but also brought huge injuries to the body, even in the marathon race, there are often sudden death.

In fact, marathon, as an extreme sport with high intensity and long time, needs a professional team to guarantee the athletes, which is composed of professionals in physical fitness, nutrition and recovery, technology, psychology and so on. But most amateur runners don’t have that.

There is no professional team to carry out marathon sports planning, so rashly try this sport, it is easy to bring physical injury. So if you want to join the challenge of marathon, you must learn the scientific way of exercise. This is not something you can accomplish alone, but a team.

So we often say that marathon is a professional running sport, it is not suitable for the public. And for our ordinary friends who want to exercise, jogging and proper running are enough. Even walking a few kilometers a day is very good.

Therefore, the life lies in the movement, but the movement needs the right amount, the correct method. If the wrong way of exercise is adopted, it is easy to bring reaction and harm to the body. In fact, sports don’t need us to do any professional sports. All aspects of life can easily complete sports, such as cooking, doing housework and so on.

For us, the real healthy and effective exercise is walking. Our ancestors left a sentence: “if you walk a hundred steps after dinner, you will live to ninety-nine.”. This sentence is very reasonable. We insist on walking more every day. As long as we don’t go out for a very long distance or a very important thing, we should walk green. If we persist in this way for a long time, you will find that your body will be very good. There’s no need to go to any gym at all. The real healthy exercise is around us, just in our daily walk.

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