Life needs oxygen to exist, which may be wrong. MIT researchers have made relevant experiments!

Life needs oxygen to exist, which may be wrong. MIT researchers have made relevant experiments!

Our technology is developing rapidly, but there are still some cognitive limitations. For a long time, human beings have been exploring the universe, but they have never found any trace of extraterrestrial life. So far, people think that there may not be any other civilization in the universe. Among these views, there are some voices of opposition. They think that maybe we started from the wrong point. We are now exploring alien civilization on the basis of the material conditions that human beings need.

Is there an alien civilization in the exploration of a star? The first condition we look at is whether there are the conditions necessary for life in this star, such as water, oxygen and atmosphere. Now scientists seem to have found a new problem. Does life in other stars also need these substances to survive? It is possible that we have always believed that oxygen is necessary for life, which is wrong in itself. The conditions that other life needs may be very different from the basic conditions that we human beings need.

The American Journal of science has published a paper, they found the first animal on the earth can not breathe, its name is called “salmoniasis”. In the pure hydrogen environment, there are even living bodies, which seems to overturn our original understanding of life. MIT researchers have found that a set of controlled experiments have been conducted in a number of microbiology laboratories.

Researchers put one group of microorganisms in the air to survive and reproduce, and the other group was placed in 100% pure hydrogen environment. They found that in the environment of pure hydrogen, microorganisms can not only survive, but also have a strong ability to reproduce. In the past, we all thought that life would die if it lacked oxygen and water. Now it seems that this theory is actually wrong, just as we thought that animals must breathe to survive.

It can be said that this experiment is a major breakthrough in the scientific community, which provides a certain basis for us in the search for alien creatures, and changes our original starting point. Maybe it’s also the case outside the earth that those creatures need to survive in pure hydrogen. Biologists point out that perhaps in the process of looking for extraterrestrial organisms, it is not enough to only look for the atmosphere rich in hydrogen, and the existence of life may also need other substances.

In the solar system, most of the atmospheres of planets are dominated by hydrogen, which does not determine the existence of life in the stars. It can only be said that in the exploration of extraterrestrial life, the existence of hydrogen only increases the possibility for us, but as the only condition, it has too many defects. Do you think there are really extraterrestrial creatures in the universe? Or do you think they’re already on our planet? Welcome to leave a message in the comments area.

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