Life only 450 days of creatures, the ocean will emit light, but also with natural enemies hand to hand!

Life only 450 days of creatures, the ocean will emit light, but also with natural enemies hand to hand!

When we watched SpongeBob as a child, we would fantasize about what kind of world the seabed is? Maybe it’s colorful, there are all kinds of kind creatures, they live together on the bottom of the sea, just like SpongeBob, and they have their own home. After we grew up, we realized that the ocean is not as simple as we thought. Animation is animation after all, which is very different from reality.

Since the emergence of marine equipment, people have learned more and more about the ocean. It has to be said that there are too many creatures in the ocean that have never been seen before. Some people even think that there may be prehistoric beasts on the seabed. There is no comparison between the environment on the sea floor and that on the land. Because there is no sunshine for a long time, there will be some potential dangers. The living creatures inside all have ferocious habits. If they do not adapt to the environment, the end will be miserable. Life only 450 days of creatures, the ocean will emit light, but also with natural enemies hand to hand!

Today, I’d like to introduce one of the largest squid in the world, which is named Dawang sour squid. Its main range of activities is in the deep sea, in the same category, its volume is the largest, is also a kind of invertebrate, soft body. Its biggest natural enemy is sperm whale, which has very sensitive hunting ability. So what kind of creature is it?

According to the investigation, the main purpose of this is to deal with the natural enemies of the sperm whale. Once someone caught a giant squid weighing more than 400 Jin in Antarctica. Some people thought it was a giant squid. In fact, it was not a giant squid, but a squid with a large body size. However, human beings did not have a clear positioning for it. It mostly lived at a depth of more than 2000 meters under the sea. The giant squid can grow to 20 meters in size. After their death, their bodies will expand and change in size It’s bigger.

Its growth rate is amazing, and its death rate is also very fast. The life span of a giant squid is about 450 days, which is too short compared with that of human beings. Although its size is huge, its disappearance rate is also strange. Every time it encounters sperm whale, it will fight with it to the death. It has to be said that the hunting ability of the king squid is very strong. It usually rests during the day, forages at night, and hunts in the dark water.

With the current technology of human beings, it is impossible to capture giant squid like this. It is very rare. It is rare to see once in many years. In addition, it is distributed in the depths of the sea. There are many dangers in the depths of the sea. Human beings can’t go there rashly. Maybe they will attack human beings. When the level of science and technology develops to a certain stage, human beings may also be able to uncover them The bottom of the sea is more real. There are more creatures in it than we thought. What do you think of it? You can leave a message for interaction.

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