Lijiang found “baby”! What does it mean that the “golden turtle” disappeared for 38 years returns to the earth?

Since mankind entered the industrial age, with the development of economic level, more and more species are gradually disappearing under the influence of human beings, and some rare species have been extinct. In the billions of years of the earth’s existence, there have been large and small extinctions, and the species on the earth are becoming rarer and rarer. Scientists have also warned mankind that if the sixth mass extinction comes, it will be human suffering.

Polar bear or disappear

The global temperature is still rising, and even accelerating. Scientists predict that according to this development rate, polar bears will disappear from the earth by 2100. Since 2020, the climate and environment of various countries have undergone several periods of changes, and we often hear such news that many species that have disappeared for several 10 years have reappeared. This brings us a glimmer of hope in the dilemma. Does the re emergence of these species that have disappeared mean that the earth’s environment is getting better?

Cuckoo reappears

In May this year, Rhododendron Kulu, a plant that has disappeared for 90 years, was discovered in the mountainous areas of Sichuan Province in China. The taste of Rhododendron Kulu discovered this time is the only one in the world, which brings great research value. Just recently, scientists found that in Lijiang, Yunnan Province of China, a second-class protected animal, the Yangcai arm scarab, which has disappeared for 38 years.

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The value of

It was declared extinct in 1982, but there has been constant news about it. The discovery of the Yangcai arm golden Turtle was also very accidental. At that time, the discoverers thought that it was just a common insect, only 7 cm long, very similar to the small insect. After identification, the scientists found that it was a long lost Yangcai arm golden turtle. It can be said that it is an exclusive species in China, which is very rare in other countries. It has very high requirements for the production environment, and generally lives in nature reserves. Although the number has been growing in recent years, it is often captured by some people who are greedy for profits and sell at a high price.

In 2001, there was an auction of a Yangcai arm golden turtle. Its length was only 4.4cm, but it sold for 200000 yuan. This figure is enough to show its great value. Now the Yangcai arm golden turtle has become a national protected animal, auction this way is illegal, so when we see it, we must pay attention to protection, maybe these long disappeared animals will revive the whole ecosystem.

In addition to the above two species, other countries have also experienced this situation. These organisms that have disappeared for several years reappear in the ecosystem without adverse impact on the environment. Scientists believe that they may contribute to the restoration of the ecological environment. What do you think?

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