Long abandoned organs are now re emerging. Are human beings degenerating?

800 million years ago, the early life of the earth was born in the ocean. After the birth of life, through continuous evolution, the later complex life world was formed. Human is also a simple life, which was born millions of years ago after a long evolution. No matter what kind of life it is, its evolution needs to follow the basic law of nature, which is survival of the fittest.

All creatures will go through such a rule, the excellent will continue to stay, and the inferior will be eliminated by nature. Even from the micro genetic point of view, excellent genes constantly replace backward genes, which is the evolutionary law of life. Therefore, according to the laws of nature, under normal circumstances, organs or tissues that have disappeared on the way of evolution will not reappear in future generations.

Since some organs have disappeared on the road of life evolution, it shows that these organs are backward and bad, and need to be replaced by better organs, which is completely in line with the law of survival of the fittest of nature. The same is true of human evolution. Tens of thousands of years ago, human organs and tissues were very different from those of modern people. Some organs changed, while some organs disappeared directly.


According to the theory of evolution, these disappeared organs should not appear again, but the world is so magical. Impossible things have appeared in human beings. Through the study of human body, scientists have found that a kind of organ that had already disappeared has now reappeared, which is the Faber bone.

Faberium is a kind of kneecap, which is common in mammals, especially in primates. For example, monkeys, orangutans and so on. But this kind of bone is not very useful. It appears in primates because their evolution is not complete. However, human beings are advanced animals, and faberi bone has been replaced by modern kneecap bone in the long process of evolution.

Although we can’t imagine that the disappeared organs will reappear, real medical research shows that faberi bone has made a comeback. As early as the 19th century, scientists found that 11% of all human beings have faberi bone. Originally, it was thought that this proportion would not rise again, but by 2019, scientists have found that this figure is close to 40%.

If it continues, it is possible that in a few decades’ time, all mankind will have faberi bones again. At present, scientists have not found an answer to why this impossible thing happened. After analyzing this kind of bone, some scientists put forward a guess: it may be related to modern human’s attention to sports. Some scientists speculate that with the rise of modern sports, more and more people begin to pay attention to sports. Therefore, faberi bone reappears. Its function is to increase the strength of joints, resist the pressure of the body, and avoid friction and strain.


Is the above cognition correct? Many people doubt this. If it is said that the reappearance of shell bones is due to the increase of modern human exercise, then ancient people may have to stand up and speak. We should know that faberi bone disappeared from human body on the way of evolution a long time ago. The ancients thousands of years ago naturally did not have faberi bone.

When it comes to the amount of exercise, there is no comparison between modern people and the ancients. You know, before human beings entered the era of science and technology, there was no advanced means of transportation. The fastest means of transportation in ancient times was carriage, and it was only the means of transportation that the rich and powerful could enjoy. For most ordinary ancients, their travel was by walking.

Take an ancient man for example, his daily sports activity is also more than that of modern athletes, I believe that we all agree with this. In ancient times, except for a few literati, men lived by physical work. The amount of labor per day is relatively large, far from what modern people can imagine.


But in ancient times, people’s common movement did not make fabeigu reappear. Why can modern people reappear? If you think about it carefully, it doesn’t seem to have much to do with the increase of exercise. If the movement of modern people can make fabeigu appear, it should have reappeared in ancient people thousands of years ago, and it will not wait until modern times.

If the reappearance of faberi bone has nothing to do with sports, why does it attach importance to modern people? In fact, the reasons behind may be related to the changes brought about by science and technology after mankind entered the era of science and technology. The era of science and technology first brought food and clothing to human beings. In ancient times, people were basically hungry, and many people were starved to death.

After entering the era of science and technology, with the rapid development of science and technology, the problem of people’s eating has been solved continuously. I believe that the phenomenon of whether the rich or the poor are starved to death is rare now. People don’t have to worry about eating. With enough food, people’s nutrition can keep up, so there are more and more fat people in modern times.

After nutrition is added, it is naturally beneficial to human genes, and human genes can be continuously optimized from the side. It’s also an evolution to make the human body better adapt to the environment, and in the process of evolution, faberi bone appeared. Do you think this is evolution or degradation? The evolutionary road of life is always forward, and so is human beings. Tomorrow’s genes will be better than today’s.


In the environment of modern science and technology, the appearance of faberi bone again shows that faberi bone is not a useless organ, on the contrary, it is a very important organ. The reason why our ancestors made faberi bones disappear on the way of evolution may be that there is not enough nutrition supply. Without nutrition supply, this faberi bone may not continue to grow, but will continue to degenerate and finally disappear.

Although faberium disappeared in the human body, the gene sequence behind it is still hidden in the human body. With the rapid development of human civilization, after the era of science and technology, nutrition is getting better and better. At this time, the fabeib bone that disappeared began to reappear in the human body, which is a manifestation of evolution. It can be seen that this Fabel bone is very important in the human body. Its appearance may change the bone strength of human beings, especially the position of joints.

To know that humans walk upright, the legs themselves have to bear a lot of pressure. However, because our human body’s skeleton itself is not very strong, in old age, the joints of the legs will have problems, unable to bear the strength of the human body, resulting in walking difficulties. In a sense, it is also a kind of imperfect bone tissue. You know, in the animal world, even some dying animals can walk freely, but they are not as energetic as young animals.


In the later years of human beings, they have to rely on crutches or even sit in wheelchairs. The main reason is that our leg joints are too weak. Now the faberi bone has reappeared. It can strengthen our joints and make our legs more powerful. Maybe we can still stand and walk in our old age. Of course, these are just a kind of conjecture. Why does faberi bone reappear in modern humans still needs the continuous exploration and research of scientists. As long as it is confirmed that it is good for human beings, then it will be OK.

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