Looking at the earth from the moon, what is the earth like? This feeling has never been before!

Looking at the earth from the moon, what is the earth like? This feeling has never been before!


The moment when the sun slowly rises means the coming of the day, which is the most familiar star for human beings. It provides light and heat for the earth all the time. It can be imagined that if there is no sun, the earth will fall into darkness. Everyone should be sure to be exposed to the sun every day. If there is no sun for a long time, the whole person will appear to have no spirit. People often associate the sun with the sun In contrast to the moon, the moon usually appears only at night. In particular, many literati put their emotions in the moon and became the object of admiration and praise.


What is the earth like to see from the moon?


There are many lyrics praising the moon in history. From the earth, the moon is quite beautiful. From this question, many people have extended to another question. If we look at the earth from the moon, what will it look like? Since the improvement of science and technology, human beings have launched a fierce exploration of the moon, eager to move to the moon in the future. At present, only a few people on the earth have seen the real face of the moon. We have a deeper understanding of the moon from the pictures taken by astronauts. Some people will say that looking at the earth on the moon will make us feel terrible. So where does this fear come from? Looking at the earth from the moon, what is the earth like? This feeling has never been before!


Looking at the earth from the moon should have been a rare sight. According to the pictures sent back by Apollo astronauts, the surface of the moon is shrouded in darkness. The earth is like a sapphire in the dark, clear and bright. The gravity of the moon is 1 / 6 of that of the earth, so it is extremely difficult to walk on the moon. If the moon is smaller than the earth, will it see a larger earth?


Another way to look at the earth, what is it like?


From the perspective of human eyes, the larger the diameter is, the larger the object you see. The diameter of the earth is 12756 km. Taking the diameter of the earth as the standard, the diameter distance between the earth and the moon is 384000 km. It is obvious that the diameter of the earth from the moon is 3.6 times larger than that of the moon from the earth. Although it looks very big, it has not reached a terrible situation.


Of course, it’s understandable that many people have such an idea. After all, the surface of the moon is desolate and extremely barren. There are no resources suitable for human survival, such as air. Even if two people face to face shout, they may not be able to hear it. Sound can’t be transmitted in a vacuum. Some people have another view. They don’t feel terrible, but will shock everyone’s heart. Looking at the earth from the moon, they have the feeling of seeing all the mountains. Maybe many people will think that we all live on such a small earth, and human beings are just as small as ants.


Everyone stands from different angles and looks at things in different ways. No matter what kind of feeling it is, the moon is the most important member of the universe. Although its environment is bad, human beings can’t migrate. If there is no moon, the whole universe will be less of a brilliant luster, become commonplace. Guess what it would be like to look at the earth from the moon? You can leave a message for interaction.

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