Looking for UFO is wrong. Is prehistoric civilization from underground? Scientists give answers

Now mainstream science has made it very clear that the earth’s interior is a hierarchical structure. As long as seismic waves are mentioned, there will always be some people who oppose it: since human beings have not really entered the earth, it is very clear what kind of structure the earth’s interior is. Even if there is a hollow structure in a corner of the earth’s interior, it can’t be accurately found, which means that geocentric people can’t find it If it can exist, the earth may be hollow.


Even if such a debate is indeed fruitless, current scientific exploration is unlikely to go deep into every corner of the earth’s interior. But this argument is actually unscientific, because it is a hypothesis that cannot be proved. The premise of becoming a scientific theory is that it must be falsifiable.

As for the hollow Earth theory, we believe that the earth is solid, but there is no clear evidence, and there is evidence to support it. Indeed, people have put forward many hypotheses about this hollow Earth theory. The first one is that there is a prehistoric civilization inside the earth. In fact, all kinds of UFO events on the earth are not “outsiders”, but from the inside of the earth.


Dorilu, an American geologist, once said that the center of the earth may not be mud lava, but a hole 160 kilometers in diameter. Researcher edmon Harre also found this clue, that is, the earth’s magnetic field will change slightly from time to time, which means that there may be different magnetic fields on the earth. Therefore, it is proposed that there may be a small earth on the earth, which has suitable environment and climate, unique animals and plants, and even special civilization, etc. This sentence, of course, is similar to Verne’s science fiction “journey to the center of the earth”, which is more inclined to science fiction.


Some scientists have thought about the hollow Earth from a scientific point of view. The simplest way is to compare the volume and mass. They found that if the earth is completely composed of rocks, its mass may be much larger than the current data. The current situation shows that there are hollow or porous structures in the earth. Another possibility is that the earth’s interior is not all rock.

Moreover, Oleg bogaddikov, academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, once found that there are a large number of large bubbles in the lower mantle of the earth’s core, which may be full of energy and magmatic materials, and these materials are dynamic. There is no scientific explanation for this phenomenon at present. Hollow theory has a long history. Even now, no matter how advanced science is, it can’t fully detect the situation inside the earth, so the sound will never disappear.


But I personally think that this view is still too sci-fi. The so-called “hollow earth, people in the center of the earth” is too unrealistic. The most important thing for the development of high-level civilization is to use energy and resources. For example, after the extinction of dinosaurs 65 million years ago, mammals had space and resources to develop and evolve, and human civilization emerged.


So, when the energy of the whole solar system comes from the sun and there is only geothermal energy inside the earth, does the development of biological civilization need resources and energy? How does the dark plant grow? How to survive without wind and water? This is the most basic problem, but if you insist that there is such a biological civilization that can rely on technology to solve any problem, there is nothing to discuss!

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