Lost 50 years of satellite, suddenly sent a signal to the earth, is it controlled by aliens?

Since ancient times, mankind has been full of endless yearning for the universe. Since the beginning of the last century, mankind has begun a new journey of exploring the universe by using advanced science and technology. In recent years, science fiction movies have been rising. People are also very curious about the Unknown Universe and extraterrestrial life. Many people think that human beings are not the only intelligent life in the universe. Therefore, scientists also try to launch detectors into the universe in the hope of tracking the trace of extraterrestrial life.


In 1977, human beings launched Voyager 1 into the universe. Voyager 1 also sent us a lot of photos in the process of exploring the universe. After all, the life of the probe is not permanent. At the end of 2019, Voyager 1 will start to rush to the edge of the solar system, and may lose contact with mankind in 2025. At this time, many people have doubts. Voyager 1 has traveled more than 20 billion kilometers, but why hasn’t it found any extraterrestrial life?


Cosmic signal


As early as 1965, the United States sent a satellite to the universe. After two years in space, the satellite lost contact with human beings. No one knows what happened to the satellite and why it lost contact with human beings. Perhaps in so many years, it has become a cosmic dust. In 2013, a scientist received a series of space signals when he was observing the universe. This signal made him very surprised and excited. Was the signal he received from extraterrestrial life? So he quickly released the news to the Internet, causing a heated discussion among netizens. Many people think that this is a signal that aliens are greeting people?




50 years of satellite


This incident also attracted NASA’s attention. After they studied this signal, they found that it was not alien life that sent this signal, but the satellite launched in 1965. 50 years later, the satellite that had never heard from suddenly sent back information. What is the situation? Some people think that maybe the satellite failed in the process of operation, so it was only after so many years that the signal was launched again. However, this conclusion did not arouse people’s recognition. Netizens think that the reason why the satellite appeared again in front of human eyes after 50 years of silence is probably that it was hijacked by extraterrestrial life.


This conclusion has also been sought after by many conspiracy theorists, who firmly believe that the UFO over various countries where extraterrestrial life exists in the universe is also the best evidence. This news has been debated for a while. If it is really the alien who hijacked this satellite, why would it send a signal to human beings? Did aliens send this signal to warn humans because they were afraid that their position would be exposed?


Nowadays, many countries have sent detectors and satellites to the universe. If there is another life, then they must have known the existence of human beings. Many people think that it is not a good thing for human beings to expose themselves rashly in front of the unknown extraterrestrial life. I don’t know what people think?

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