Lu Xun described Guo Moruo’s emotional experience in five words

Since ancient times, the duel between warriors is decided by fists, while the duel between literati is naturally a battle of words. For example, the battle of words between Ji Xiaolan and he Yao has always been popular.

In the period of the new culture movement, scholars and thinkers emerged one after another, each of them had great attainments in a certain field, but their literary achievements often caused disputes with each other, such as Guo Moruo and Lu Xun.

As we all know, Guo Moruo has made great achievements in literature. He is a famous writer, historian and archaeologist in the last century, and has written a collection of poems, such as goddess. In addition, he became chairman of the all China literature and Art Association in 1949.

Lu Xun’s works are familiar to everyone, such as cry and hesitation. He pioneered vernacular and was also a professor at Peking University. Although Guo Moruo has made great achievements in literature, he has done a lot in his personal feelings for men and women.

Today, Guo’s wife, Zhang’s wife, is just a scum in China.

When he was studying abroad, he fell in love with Japanese woman Sato Fujiko. Sato Fujiko’s family is also a famous family in Japan. They don’t agree with Sato Fujiko’s marriage with Guo Moruo, but Sato Fujiko loves Guo Moruo very much. For Guo Moruo’s sake, he can resolutely choose to sever the relationship with his family.

In order to make Guo Moruo devote herself to her study, she decided to drop out of school and become a housewife to support the family. Later, due to the outbreak of the Anti Japanese War, Guo Moruo left Japan and abandoned Fujiko Sato and his four children.

In fact, during the time when he was with Fujiko Sato, Guo Moruo didn’t play the role of a good husband, didn’t shoulder the responsibility, and was still entangled with the rest of the women. It’s really ridiculous.

After returning to China, Guo Moruo and actor Yu Liqun immediately lost their necklaces. However, it wasn’t long before Yu Liqun committed suicide. Guo Moruo, who had lost his lover, was not sad at all. He was with Yu Liqun’s sister Yu lichen again.

During this period, Guo Moruo’s heart did not settle down. He met Anlin, Huang Dinghui and other people before and after, and maintained a very ambiguous relationship with them. Guo Moruo was very fickle all his life, and took on many girls who were attentive to him, so that Mr. Lu Xun could not see it any more. He wrote an article criticizing Guo Moruo, saying that although he was talented, his moral level was too low.

Guo Moruo, of course, was unconvinced by Lu Xun’s censure. He felt that the matter of emotion was your feelings and my wishes, and there was no compulsion. Therefore, Guo Moruo attacked Lu Xun again and gave him four words: clothes, birds and beasts.

When Lu Xun heard Guo Moruo scolding him like this, he flew back to his five words: Genius plus hooligan. I have to say that Lu Xun’s five words are very appropriate, which is a true portrayal of Guo Moruo’s feelings. Although Guo Moruo has made great achievements in literature, his moral character is really problematic, just like a hooligan. No wonder Lu Xun would say that he is a genius plus hooligan.

Guo Moruo retreated after hearing Lu Xun’s sentence. He should have the most profound understanding of this sentence. Although there are disputes among scholars.

But they will still cherish each other at some time. When Lu Xun passed away, Guo Moruo specially sent a message of condolence. Once an invincible enemy, he is now a close friend of the literary world.

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