Lunar soil can be brought back to earth. Why can’t Mars? Expert: to prevent alien invasion!

In a short period of ten thousand years, human beings have gone beyond the inherent limit. We can go to heaven or go to the sea. Now we know more and more about the earth. We can understand and predict all kinds of changes of the earth, and even have insight into the history of the earth. The earth can no longer bear the curiosity of human beings, so we began to explore the universe. The vastness and complexity of the universe is far from comparable to that of an earth. And human beings know very little about the universe. The first object of human beings to explore the universe is the moon. However, because the moon is very close to the earth, there is nothing special, and all kinds of elements are almost the same as the earth. Therefore, astronauts can bring the soil on the moon back to the earth without any impact.

But in space exploration, there is a very interesting rule that Mars soil cannot be brought back to earth, and even research can only be carried out in the space station for an analysis, which is very strange? Why can the soil of the moon be brought back, but not of Mars? Mars can be said to be the most earth like planet, also has an atmosphere, also suspected of the existence of water, and its temperature can make life. So with such a similar planet in front of us, we need to step up our research, and the most important thing to study a planet is soil analysis, so that we can establish a comprehensive data structure for this planet. However, we explicitly prohibit carrying Martian soil back to earth, so the speed of Mars research is slowing down. What’s the secret? Or is there something in Martian soil that threatens human life?

As we mentioned earlier, there are conditions for the existence of organisms on Mars. We can’t make a judgment on whether there are organisms on Mars. If we rashly bring the Martian soil back to earth at this time, in case there are Martian viruses or microorganisms left in the Martian soil, it may be a devastating blow to human beings. After all, a black death once killed one fourth of the European population, let alone the alien microorganisms that human beings did not know. The reason why the soil of the moon can be brought back is that the moon has been carefully explored by human beings. There is no life on the moon at all, so there is no need to worry about the threat of microorganisms in the soil. However, according to the latest NASA news, there will be no life on Mars. The reason is that the United States has found something highly corrosive in the early environment of Mars, which makes it difficult for life to be born in such an environment.

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