Luo Yufeng, who “would rather die in the United States than return home”, how is she doing in the United States now?

Do you still remember Luo Yufeng, who was popular in Haikou? After all, Luo Yufeng’s title of “Sister Feng” is still very loud, but the origin of the title of “Sister Feng” is not very glorious.

Friends who have read Luo Yufeng’s report should know that she is famous for her shocking remarks and “Ugliness”.

In fact, not many people took the same road with her, but only “Sister Feng” was remembered in the end! “Would rather die in the United States than go home” Luo Yufeng now in the United States how?

She thinks that she is a talented woman proficient in piano, chess, calligraphy and painting. She is good at piano, chess, calligraphy and painting, and has extremely rich cultural knowledge. Ordinary men simply do not deserve her.

According to the report, Luo Yufeng listed seven criteria for choosing a mate, excluding almost all the men in the world. However, in an interview with the media, Luo Yufeng publicly said that only the president of the United States is worthy of her.

“Fengjie” once called herself a real genius in a variety show in China. She began to read extensively at the age of 9 and reached the peak at the age of 20. In the first 300 years, no one can match her IQ.

However, netizens later found out that her diploma was only a college degree. For a person who has read a lot since she was 9 years old, is the college diploma too low for her? Later, this passage also became everyone’s comment.

After arriving in the United States, Luo Yufeng even made some crazy remarks: I would rather die in the United States than go back.

At that time, it became the focus of the whole network. However, it must be pointed out that Luo Yufeng has been quite successful in some aspects. She is just an ordinary girl who was born in the countryside. She has turned herself into a suitable public figure. More than ten years later, how is Luo Yufeng now?

But what she didn’t expect was that she didn’t live the ideal life in the end. She was accused of spreading dangerous remarks in the United States and was repatriated. After unremitting efforts, she went to the United States again. Xiaobian admired her persistence.

Luo Yufeng has done a lot of work in the United States, the longest of which is a manicurist. She only earns 1000 yuan a month, which is only enough to make a living.

However, Feng never gave up her speech. She is also confident and active on social media and announced that she will raise $10 million to start a business. All these have only been sneered at by domestic netizens. What do you think?

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