Lynx regularly cleans up the wolves in its territory and destroys a fox in 16 days. How terrible is it?

In the whole animal world, wolves are the most orderly and disciplined, and also the most ferocious animals. In the eyes of many people, wolves seem to have no natural enemies. In the galloping grassland, they only threaten the weak animals, as well as human property and life safety. They are the overlord in nature, and no animal will easily surrender them.

He looks like a cat, but not a cat. He is fat, and he will “clean up” the wolves regularly

However, wolves have been domineering in nature for a long time, and some weaker animals have finally risen. This kind of animal is lynx. Different from wolves, lynx is thick and fat. Although they look like cats in appearance, they are not cats. Their tails are very short and they like to live in cold places. Their staple food is carnivores such as rabbits. Although lynx is fat, they like climbing, especially good at rock climbing. They are also good at climbing trees. They can jump from one tree to another.

Relevant experts have conducted in-depth research on the endangered lynx. Although the lynx is large and likes to eat meat from small animals such as rabbits, they are very aggressive, especially good at attacking and killing wolves. In the 1990s, some people witnessed the time when the lynx killed wolves, and experts also found that every once in a while, the lynx specialized in killing wolves “Clean up” the wolves inside the field.

The number of lone wolf surpasses that of wolf pack and becomes


Attack target, specially attack wolf pups and pregnant females

Many people will ask, “lynx lives in cold regions all the year round, while wolves are mostly distributed in North America. The two animals live in different regions. How can there be conflicts?” Although most wolves live in North America, some very strong and ferocious gray wolves are distributed in Eurasia. These wolves are also known as Timberwolves. Compared with wolves in other regions, the biggest characteristics of Timberwolves are low intelligence level, small size and low prey ability. These Timberwolves can not cause any damage to lynx.

Lynx and coyote live in remote forests in northern Russia. Russian experts have conducted in-depth research on these two animals. Lynx especially likes to attack wolf pups, especially pregnant female wolves. Why does the lynx specially attack the weak female wolf and pup, but not the male wolf?

Although wolves are gregarious animals, their living habits are very special. The number of lone wolves is more than that of pack wolves. Lynx does not actively provoke wolves, but male lynx only chooses lone wolves. Especially when the female lynx gives birth, in order to protect the female lynx and its cubs, the male lynx has to kill the pregnant female wolf or the wolf cubs. Only in this way, the number of wolves will not continue to breed, and will not pose any threat to the next generation of the lynx.


You can kill a fox in 16 days

In further research, Russian experts also found that lynx can attack some ferocious animals, such as bears and tigers, in addition to wolves. However, the number of these ferocious animals is very small in cold regions. In addition, lynx can attack foxes. In a tracking and shooting, experts saw that lynx successfully killed one Fox in 16 days In the food chain, lynx not only controls the number of wolves and foxes, but also can control the number of rabbits. Nowadays, in the whole forest, lynx is the natural enemy of wolves, but lynx will observe what they say. They will not act alone when wolves appear. When they encounter wolves, they will jump to the tree quickly.

Nowadays, lynx is on the verge of extinction, and the number of lynx on the earth is very small. Such precious and rare animals should be treated gently by the world, instead of sparing no effort to hunt and kill them for the sake of delicacies, care for wild animals and protect the beautiful nature, so that the food chain will not be destroyed and we can coexist with nature.

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