Man can build nuclear weapons, but why can’t he build a grain of rice? Break through this difficult problem!

Man can build nuclear weapons, but why can’t he build a grain of rice? Break through this difficult problem!

Where does life come from? A long time ago, humanity naively believed that everyone was created by Nu Wa, and then there was the legend that Nu Wa created man. All this was only fictional, and there was no real evidence. It was soon overthrown by Darwin’s theory of evolution. Everyone expressed their own views on the origin of life, including creationism, chemical origin, biological exogenous theory, and so on. These theories were not put forward It’s not without a reason.

The confirmation and overthrow of many theories

Take the theory of the origin of Chemistry for example, it was discovered by Miller. At that time, he made an experiment to put hydrogen, ammonia and steam in the same vessel and electrify it. After electrifying it, organic amino acids were produced. This made him firmly believe that all substances in the world can be obtained through chemical reaction, and any substance will produce new substances through chemical reaction, so So the theory of chemical origin came into being. Man can build nuclear weapons, but why can’t he build a grain of rice? Break through this difficult problem!

The view of the theory of natural occurrence is that all life comes from nothing. For example, a fallen leaf falls into the water, and fish will grow up after a long time. However, this view was quickly overturned. Life does not come from nothing, it is a very complex existence. People who support the theory of exogenous origin also express different views. All life on earth does not come from the earth itself, but from extraterrestrial They bring organic matter to the earth through meteorites or other materials, and then evolve from single cell to multi cell. After a long time of change, different organisms appear.

Each theory has its own view, and there are many supporters and opponents. Unfortunately, so far, human beings have been unable to reveal the problem of ghosts and gods, and many things can not be explained clearly by science, and can not be directly denied. In addition, there is another big problem, human need to refuel, that is technology. Although human beings can produce nuclear weapons with infinite power, they cannot produce a grain of rice.

Nuclear weapons can be made, but why not a grain of rice

Many people are puzzled. Since human beings have such a strong ability, why can’t they even make a grain of rice? Rice seems small and unimportant, but its composition is much more complex than nuclear weapons. It contains more than 20 kinds of materials such as protein, fat, calcium and phosphorus. Even if human beings have all the materials, they may not be able to synthesize a grain of rice, because the essence of life needs heredity and a thorough understanding of DNA. Nowadays, human technology is limited and can’t break through the secret of DNA, so even if we gather all the materials, we can’t make a grain of rice, and everything we do is useless.

At present, human beings are trying to solve the secret of DNA, and they are eager to produce more advantageous materials than nuclear weapons in the future. As long as DNA is used, all the unsolved mysteries can be revealed. This is also the main reason why human beings have been unable to produce a grain of rice so far. Rice seems to be an extraordinary material, but its manufacturing process is much more difficult than we think. If we can not master the real DNA technology, human civilization may have been stagnant, and there is no great breakthrough. What do you think of this? You can leave a message for interaction.

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