Man can never get out of the solar system? Scientist: not only is there no technology, but human beings also have problems

Since ancient times, the ancients had the dream of flying to the sky and rushing out of the earth. However, due to the limitation of technology, or the lag of productivity, this idea can only be born in a variety of literary works, resulting in a series of myths and legends.

After thousands of years of development and exploration, human beings finally ushered in the revolution of productivity in the 1860s. Since human beings entered the highly efficient industrial age, an unavoidable problem has emerged, which is energy.

As we all know, energy is the core and driving force of the development of industrial society. If the industrial development loses energy, it will stagnate or reverse.

More importantly, all kinds of signs show that the vast universe is the future of mankind, and the exploration of the universe depends on the development of the space industry.

Once the overall industrial development stagnates, mankind will completely lose its future. This serious problem has obviously attracted the attention of many people, so a problem worthy of consideration appears

Can human beings never get out of the solar system?

In fact, it is not only the earth’s remaining resources, but also several very important objective factors that determine whether human beings can get out of the solar system. For example, distance scale, energy level, spacecraft materials, human physical fitness, life span and so on.

First of all, let’s look at the distance in space. Space is measured in light years. After hundreds of years of research and observation, scientists have calculated that the gravitational range of the sun is about 2 light-years.

Can you imagine that at such a huge distance scale, can humans really walk out of the solar system? What’s more, even if human beings go out of the solar system through many hardships, they can’t find a foothold immediately.

But what’s strange is that NASA has found that there seems to be a solar system on the edge

An invisible force is preventing human beings from exploring everything outside the solar system


After reaching the edge of the solar system, all matter will start to slow down for no reason. Moreover, if we take pictures of the interior of the solar system from the edge of the solar system, we can’t see the luminous sun.

Scientists also speculate that there are a large number of dark stars and even black holes in the Kuiper belt and even the edge of the solar system. In the past 30 years, NASA has been trying to unravel the truth of the edge of the solar system, but found that the solar system seems to be a closed galaxy, and it is difficult for human beings to break through.

In addition to the distance scale, there are also energy levels that determine whether human beings can get out of the solar system. In thousands of years of civilization development, human productivity has experienced three major changes.

However, if we put aside the benefits of the three changes and look at them from a deeper level, it is not difficult to find that the three changes are essentially the use of chemical energy, that is, the use of energy at the molecular level. And even deeper than the molecular level of atomic energy, what human beings know today is only the skin, let alone make full use of it.

However, it is extremely important to fully grasp the energy at the atomic level. After all, it is the key for human beings to leave the solar system. The reason why it is the key is that the upper limit of chemical energy is very low.

So, how low is it?

The jorkovsky formula tells us that even if all the fossil energy on the earth is ignited, the generated energy can not send a mountain away from the earth.

At a higher atomic level, humans still know very little. For example, controlled nuclear fusion, which will last for 50 years, can not control energy with a higher energy conversion rate, which means that human beings will never be able to fly out of the solar system. Because the traditional chemical energy, not only the energy conversion rate is low, but also the upper limit is low, it can not support long-distance Star Trek.

Of course, it’s only a matter of time before we can master controllable nuclear fusion, which is also the most ideal energy that people expect. On the one hand, the long-distance interstellar travel of spacecraft is the problem of propulsion energy, on the other hand, the problem of manufacturing materials.

In order to reduce energy consumption, the materials used to make spaceships must be light and thin. The universe is full of all kinds of floating dust. Once the spaceship enters the high-speed state, the harmless dust will become a bullet with great destructive power.

So the material of the spaceship must be extremely strong, at least it can last for thousands of years in the universe. According to the current development of material science, this kind of thin, light and very strong material has not been developed at all, and even it will not be developed in the future.

In fact, if we ignore the distance scale and energy level, only the physical quality and life span of human beings are left behind.

The human body is actually very fragile. This carbon based human body is not suitable for Star Trek at all. The human body has high requirements for the environment, and in order to maintain the vitality and health of the body, hundreds of trace elements must be added every day, and carrying these things will directly affect the storage space of the spacecraft.

When everything is satisfied, an almost insurmountable gap for human beings is placed in front of us again, which is life span.

At the distance scale of several light-years in the universe, the short life span of human beings in decades can not conquer this kind of distance at all. In fact, NASA has studied this technology. Through drugs to make the human body dormant, reduce metabolism, thus reducing the basic consumption, but can not increase people’s life.

All in all, Xiaobian believes that, with the current level of human science and technology, it is almost impossible to leave the solar system. It is possible to leave the embrace of the solar system only after mastering a certain theory and being able to put it into practical use. But what’s more incredible is that due to the basic rules of the universe.

For example, the speed of light can’t be surpassed. Maybe human beings can’t leave the solar system after 100 million years of development.

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