Man from 1957 to 2006, his girlfriend has been 75 years old, man went to 2050?

In our opinion, space-time travel is only a scene in science fiction movies, but scientists also believe that as long as the speed of an object can exceed the speed of light, space-time travel can be realized. Of course, some people also mentioned the grandmother paradox, that time travel is not feasible. As long as the topic of crossing time and space appears in the world, it will certainly arouse people’s great interest. In the network, there are many walkers who claim to be from the future. In fact, most of the walkers are just hype, and there is no evidence to prove it.

But there is such a crossing event in history, which is also considered to be the most credible. This event happened in 2006, when a young man in the Soviet Union claimed that he came to 2006 from 1957. There are many witnesses to this incident, and there is also evidence to support it. This is the Sergei crossing incident, which was a big hit at that time.

Crossing events

It was in April 2006, when a young man suddenly appeared on the street of Kiev, Ukraine. The young man’s clothes were old-fashioned. When he looked at them carefully, he was wearing old-fashioned Soviet clothes and holding an antique camera in his hand. He was very strange to everything around him, and his face also showed a confused look. At that time, a policeman on the street saw the young man So he came forward and asked. This young man said that he was taking a picture with his girlfriend just now. His name is Sergey. At that time, a huge UFO appeared in the sky. He held the camera and pressed the shutter. But when he put down the camera, he found that everything around him had changed. The streets and the crowd changed, and the girlfriends disappeared.

When the police heard Sergey’s words, they were laughing and laughing. Was Sergey insane when he was young? So he asked Sergey to show his ID card. When Sergey took out his ID card, the police were very shocked. The ID card in his hand was actually a document from the 1950s of the Soviet Union, and now it has been eliminated. According to the date on the ID card, the 20-year-old should be 75 years old. So the police asked the young man what year he was this year. Sergey claimed that this year was 1957.

After hearing Sergey’s words, the police strengthened their own view. There must be something wrong with the young man’s spirit, so they sent him to a mental hospital. A doctor of psychology named Paul observed him closely, and he found that Sergei’s secret was much more than that. They put Sergey in a closed room. He paced in the room, and suddenly the clock on the wall would stop moving, as if affected by a strong magnetic field. Just two days after Sergey was put in the mental hospital, no one entered his room, but Sergey mysteriously disappeared, and no clues were found after investigating the surveillance video.

Sergey’s girlfriend

The mysterious disappearance of a living man is very puzzling, so the police studied the camera left by Sergei. After they developed these photos, they found that a UFO indeed appeared in the sky of Kiev, and there was a group photo of Sergei and his girlfriend in the photo. Following this clue, they found Sergei’s girlfriend, and now He’s 75 years old. The old man’s name is Valentina. She said that the person in the photo is Sergey. When they were taking photos in the street, Sergey suddenly disappeared for a few minutes. When he appeared again, she realized the change and told the old man everything about the future.

In addition to the above evidence, the police also found a radio recording in the archives, which was recorded in 1960. In the recording, a man claimed to be Sergey. He said that he went to 2006, and also saw high-tech such as mobile phones. Valentina claimed that they had been together until 1970, but one day Sergey suddenly disappeared. Later, Sergey sent him a picture to tell the old lady that she had gone to 2050. Many people thought the picture was synthetic. What do you think of it?

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