Mandela effect is becoming more and more obvious. Is it the collective tampering of memory or the parallel universe?

It is human nature that there will inevitably be errors in memory, but how can we explain the collective disorder of memory? Scientists believe that if there is a collective memory bias, this is actually what we often call the Mandela effect. Until now, the Mandela effect has not been finalized. Some people speculate that it may be related to the parallel universe. What’s the matter?

Mandela Effect

Speaking of the Mandela effect, it has to be said that South African President Mandela has been fighting for black rights all his life, so he was jailed many times when he was alive. His life was very brilliant, and he died in 2013. But at that time, it was a big event. Many people felt sad for Mandela, and at the same time, many people felt incredible. They all asked, didn’t Mandela die in prison? There are many people who insist on this view. They come from all over the world, and they vowed to have seen a documentary about Mandela’s death. Mandela’s funeral and his wife’s speech were also shown on TV at that time.

Since then, this collective memory bias has attracted the attention of the scientific community. I don’t know if you have ever noticed this phenomenon. Since the Mandela effect was proposed, this phenomenon has become more and more obvious. Many people are very familiar with the lyrics of love China, and I don’t elaborate too much here. In addition to these phenomena in China, many people have doubts about the world map in their memory. Some claim that there is a white North Pole on the world map, while others claim that there is no white North Pole on the world map.

Parallel universe

In addition, many people are familiar with the comedy Master Mr. Bean, who has been living in peace for a long time, but in many people’s memory, he died long ago, which is really incredible to us. There is something wrong with one person’s memory, which can be explained. However, it seems unreasonable that so many people’s memories are biased. Therefore, scientists have also studied the Mandela effect and found that it may be related to the parallel universe.

They think that in another time and space, another person is living a different life. Maybe what we experience in the real world is also staged in another parallel time and space, so the memory is confused. But until now, scientists have not found the existence of parallel universe. Although this statement has been accepted by many people, it is not the final answer.

Some people think that Mandela effect may be a psychological phenomenon, which is also related to human’s habitual thinking. For many famous people, many of their outstanding achievements are known to the world only after their death. Therefore, it gives us habitual thinking that some outstanding people have long passed away. What do you think of this?

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