Mandela effect is becoming more and more obvious. Why? Has human memory been tampered with?

The Mandela effect is becoming more and more obvious. Is it that human memory has been tampered with, or is it something else?

Looking back on the whole history, countless great people emerged, such as Einstein and Hawking, who made outstanding contributions to human society and left behind many inventions, which promoted the development of society. No wonder they are remembered by the world. Everyone must have heard of the first black president of South Africa. He is Nelson lolihra, and he is one of the few pacifists in the world. His role is impressive.

In 2013, the announcement of Mandela’s funeral, an explosive news, caused huge repercussions all over the country. Through research, we know that this kind of response is not so simple, but a kind of memory disorder. Many people claim to have seen films commemorating Mandela. The names and contents of these films are basically the same, but these films have never been shot. This phenomenon is very strange, so it is called Mandela effect. The Mandela effect is becoming more and more obvious. Is it that human memory has been tampered with, or is it something else?

Up to now, Mandela effect has different explanations, and involves a wide range of fields, including quantum mechanics, parallel space, quantum science and so on. As early as the 20th century, some physicists observed quantum, and were surprised to find that the state of each quantum is completely different. All matter in the universe is composed of quantum, and the form of each quantum is different. Therefore, they speculated that maybe there is not only one universe, but also many similar universes.

Originally, I thought this was just speculation. Unexpectedly, in 2017, there was a major breakthrough in the parallel space theory. When scientists studied the microwave background radiation, they found a huge cold spot. There is no ordinary matter in the cold spot. It is very likely that it is a parallel universe formed after the big bang. The parallel universe is very similar to the current living universe, perhaps in the existing universe What happened in the parallel universe also happened.

The last explanation is the most scientific. Some people regard Mandela’s release from prison as a funeral. Therefore, when chatting with each other, with the gradual increase of rumors, cognitive errors are caused. On the whole, perhaps Mandela effect is just a cognitive error, rather than someone tampering with our memory. If someone tampers with our memory, that person may be ourselves, because no one can control our meaning and thoughts.

Everyone is an independent individual and unique in the world. There must be principles and reasons for the Mandela effect. Many strange and strange things have happened in the world, and it is difficult for scientists to explain these things clearly. So what we should do now is to keep a passion for science. Science is rigorous. Only by constantly devoting ourselves to exploration can we solve these unsolved mysteries one day. What is the Mandela effect in your eyes? You can leave a message for interaction.

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