Mandela effect is more and more obvious, scientists: or related to the parallel universe!

Human civilization can flourish, the brain and memory requirements are very high, if there is no long-term memory ability, then a lot of complex work can not be completed, human civilization can not achieve such a brilliant situation. I don’t know if you have such a feeling. There are many times when your memory seems to be biased. Some things seem to have happened, but in fact they haven’t happened. There are not a few people who have this kind of situation. What’s the matter? Can our memories be tampered with collectively?

Mandela Effect

In fact, this phenomenon is called Mandela effect, and the protagonist is South African President Mandela. Mandela died peacefully in 2013. He has been contributing to the peace of mankind all his life. Just as many people mourn for him, a strange phenomenon appears. Many people on the Internet claim that he died when he was in prison? There are not a few people who say this. These people come from all over the world and have no contact with each other. However, they claim that he has already died, and they have seen news and documentaries about his death.

A supernatural researcher named Fianna Bumei also joined the array. She believes that the reason for this phenomenon is not that human memory is wrong, but that parallel time and space lead to it. Perhaps at a certain moment, when the space-time of human beings and the parallel universe meet, the memory will overlap. In parallel time and space, Mandela has long passed away, so these people claim to have seen the news of his death.


In fact, in addition to the president of South Africa, similar events have happened all over the world. In China, there is a very famous Mandela effect event, which is the lyrics of “love me China”. In many people’s impression, the lyrics of “love me China” are written about 56 nationalities, but when we look up all the information, we find that the lyrics are all 56 constellations from the beginning to the end.


My mask

In addition to the lyrics, the mask of Franco Tutankhamun also had this phenomenon. In many people’s memory, there are 1-2 cobras on the top of his mask, but in fact, the mask has only one Cobra and a bald eagle’s head from beginning to end. After seeing these more and more Mandela effect events, many people also feel very scared. Is our memory really tampered?

Scientists have also explained this phenomenon. He thinks that we don’t have to panic. The Mandela effect is actually caused by our ignorance of things. In this case, it is easy to cause memory bias. Take Mandela for example, because he served 27 years in prison, when he appeared in front of the public again after his sentence ended, His hair is gray. If he doesn’t come out for a long time, many people will take it for granted that he has passed away.

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