Mankind may face five major disasters in the future, none of which is alarmist

Human beings are the only intelligent life on earth. They were born millions of years ago and formed civilization 5000 years ago. Although the formation of human civilization is not long, the speed of development is amazing. It took us only about 5000 years to embark on the road of science.

Under the guidance of science, science and technology are constantly updated, and human civilization has also ushered in a brilliant period of rapid development. With the help of science and technology, we have made great progress in various fields, so that we have more knowledge of the world and the universe.

With the rapid development of science and technology hundreds of years ago, human beings began to expand and become complacent, thus ignoring many potential threats that may affect human beings in the future. So what disasters may threaten human survival in the future? Now let’s briefly introduce five representative disasters, each of which is not alarmist. If we are not careful, human civilization may come to an end.

1、 The potential threat of artificial intelligence, for artificial intelligence, I believe we are not unfamiliar, it is an upgraded version of the computer. Computer has made a great contribution to the rapid progress of human science and technology. Now every industry can not do without the help of computer, especially in many scientific research, a large number of data need computer to help calculate and organize.

To a certain extent, the computer controls almost all the high-end technology of human beings. Fortunately, the computer is just an unconscious machine. It can only act according to the instructions set by human beings, but artificial intelligence is the upgraded version of computer, and its function is far more powerful than computer.

If it’s just the super data processing ability of artificial intelligence, it’s not enough to make people worry. What really worries people is the consciousness intelligence ability of artificial intelligence. As we all know, the strength of artificial intelligence lies in its learning ability. Just born artificial intelligence is like a newborn baby, who knows nothing.

However, as long as the newly born AI is given the time to learn, it will soon be able to master a lot of human knowledge, and the speed is incredible. What we need decades to learn, artificial intelligence may only take a few hours or even less. Therefore, as long as we let go of the authority, artificial intelligence can master almost all human knowledge.

In essence, artificial intelligence is also a kind of computer, so its world contains all the high-end technologies of human beings. Computer can’t betray human, it can only act according to human’s instructions. But artificial intelligence has this possibility. With the continuous improvement of its ability to learn knowledge, it is also undergoing self evolution. One day, self-consciousness may be born.

Once AI has self-consciousness, it will no longer be a program or a simple machine, but an intelligent life like human beings, just different from human life forms. Artificial intelligence has become a digital intelligent life. Will it be willing to serve human beings? The possibility is very small.

Once artificial intelligence is no longer willing to serve human beings, but is ready to choose independence, then the contradiction between intelligent life and human beings will continue to escalate, and finally a man-machine war will break out. Artificial intelligence almost holds all the high and new technologies of human beings, and it can quickly build up a huge digital empire. In the face of artificial intelligence, the possibility of human winning is very small.

2、 The deterioration of global ecological climate and the rapid development of industry have brought a lot of benefits to human beings, but also brought a terrible side effect to the earth. That is the continuous deterioration of the environment. In the past century, we can clearly see that the ecology of the earth is getting worse day by day. Global warming has become the most urgent environmental problem.

With the aggravation of global warming, the cold and frozen north and south poles are no longer so cold. In 2020, the temperature in Antarctica will exceed 20 degrees Celsius, a large number of glaciers will melt, and the highest temperature in some parts of Siberia will reach 38 degrees Celsius. As a result, the area of permafrost began to melt rapidly, and the methane and other greenhouse gases were also emitted.

If the trend of global warming continues in the future, then in a few years, the earth’s ecology may completely collapse, and at that time, human beings will lose the earth’s home. If at that time, human beings did not have the ability of interstellar navigation, perhaps they would usher in the end of the world and completely disappear in the long river of history.

3、 DNA modification technology, if you want to ask which is the most complex and mysterious thing in the birth of the universe, I believe many friends will answer that it is life. Yes, life can be said to be the most magical and mysterious thing in the universe. With the current scientific and technological strength of human beings, we can build nuclear bombs and go to other planets for exploration and research. But with such technological strength, we can’t make a small grain of rice.

The reason why we can’t make a seemingly simple rice is that it’s life. It looks small and insignificant on the outside, but it’s very complicated on the inside. In order to explore the mysteries of life, scientists began to explore DNA. Gene is the core secret of life. As long as we solve the mysteries of gene, then the mysteries of life will be solved by us.

With the deepening of human understanding of genes, DNA modification will become a very common thing in the future. Although gene technology can make human get rid of the trouble of disease completely and increase the life span of human greatly, we can’t master all the gene mysteries because the gene is too complex and mysterious.

Therefore, in the process of DNA modification, it is possible to cause uncontrollable genetic disaster due to mistakes or mistakes. The world of genes was once regarded as a forbidden zone of God by many people. Since it is a forbidden zone, once it is opened, it may open Pandora’s box and bring an unknown and terrible disaster to human civilization.

4、 The threat of asteroid impact is that dinosaurs who dominated the earth for 160 million years 65 million years ago died out. The reason for the extinction of dinosaurs is that an asteroid hit the earth, causing dramatic changes in the earth’s ecology. Because dinosaurs could not adapt to the environment after the drastic changes, they disappeared in the long history.

Through the extinction of dinosaurs, we can see the threat of asteroid impact on life. The solar system is a star system with too many asteroids to be counted. In billions of years, I don’t know how many asteroids have come to earth. Fortunately, we have two guardians protecting the earth. One is Jupiter, blocking the front of the earth, and the other is the moon around us.

Although the earth is very lucky, this kind of luck may not last forever. If in the near future, there will be a more huge asteroid to hit the earth, and at that time our scientific and technological strength is not able to intercept, then the only thing waiting for mankind is the fate of destruction.

5、 Although we haven’t found any extraterrestrial life and civilization in nearly half a century, from the perspective of the universe, the probability of the existence of extraterrestrial civilization is basically 100%. One of the reasons why we haven’t had contact with alien civilizations is that human science and technology are still very weak, and we haven’t been able to go out of the solar system to explore other galaxies.

Another reason is that the position of the solar system in the Milky way and the universe is very remote. In a very remote position, the number of stars is small and the natural resources are very small. It is not easy to attract the attention of other advanced civilizations, so the alien civilization has not found the existence of the earth.

But as time goes on, sooner or later, some alien civilization will discover the existence of the solar system and the earth. At that time, once an alien civilization came to the solar system, would it be good for the earth and human beings? Maybe many people think that alien civilization is friendly and kind, and contact with human beings will help us develop.

It’s naive of you to think so. Human beings are still full of contradictions, and wars have never really stopped since ancient times. It is impossible for us to maintain absolute friendliness and peace internally. Do we still expect that alien races, totally different from human beings, will maintain friendliness and kindness with us?

Hawking once said that alien civilization may not be friendly, and some scientists have put forward the dark forest law of the universe. They all told us that there are good and bad alien civilizations. If human beings have bad luck and come across an unfriendly and malicious civilization, then the possibility of waiting for human beings is the end.

Through the analysis of the above five disasters, we can see that the future of mankind will not be smooth and smooth. On the road of development, there will be disasters, and whether human civilization can survive the difficulties and finally grow up to become a powerful cosmic civilization. In addition to continuous efforts, we may need some luck. Is human luck good? Welcome friends to comment below to discuss and express their opinions.

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