Many witnesses claimed that they saw the new race of human with their own eyes, and the skin and blood showed green!

The rare new race on the earth, with green blood flowing on it, why don’t we see it now?

There are countless lives on earth. In the long course of evolution, with the emergence of new species and the growing maturity of human civilization, people can’t help sighing the greatness of the earth. Each creature is an individual, scattered in different areas. Human beings are the most prominent of all creatures. They have a unique brain, which can not only think about problems but also create products. Everyone’s body structure is almost the same, with bright red blood and similar facial features, but they are quite different when combined.

Witness cases of green people in history

In our inherent understanding, whether animal or human, blood is bright red. In history, there have been green people. They not only have green skin, but also have green blood. But they have disappeared so far. Why on earth? In 1887, someone found the green people in Spain. They look like human beings, but their skin color is very different. The rare new race on the earth, with green blood flowing on it, why don’t we see it now?

At that time, many children chose to play in the cave, and two mysterious children appeared by accident. They were wearing unusual clothes, and their skin was green from head to foot. At that time, this discovery attracted the attention of the whole world. People were very curious about these two green people, and adopted them. They died soon after a few years.

It was thought that this discovery was only accidental until 1982, when a magical tribe appeared in Africa, called the Sylva. They lived in seclusion in the forest all the year round, mainly hunting and eating wild fruits. According to statistics, there are only more than 300 of them left, with green skin and flowing blood. This discovery has aroused great attention of scientists. From the surface appearance, they look the same as normal people, so why is there such a big difference in skin color and blood?

Why are green people so different from humans?

At the beginning, some people thought that they had not been exposed to the sun for a long time, which led to the destruction of their body function and the formation of green skin, but there was no scientific basis for this view. Some people think that they are a kind of mutated organisms. In the process of evolution, they have been formed because of gene mutation. When scientists tested their blood in the later stage, they were surprised to find that they have elements that human beings do not have, which greatly increases the possibility of gene mutation. There are also people who think more bizarrely that they are alien creatures from alien planets, but this view was quickly denied.

Since the improvement of science and technology, some people have put forward new ideas. When an organism is green, it can be seen that it is rich in chloroplasts. The Silva people have green skin and green blood, which is probably related to their usual eating habits. They eat wild fruits and leaves for a long time and accumulate more chlorophyll every day, forming the so-called green race The most lacking is scientific verification. If human beings can find strong evidence, they can prove it. What do you think of the so-called green people? You can leave a message for interaction.

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