Mars boy is nothing, another woman claims to be from Venus, carrying a secret mission to come!

There is no life on Venus. How can a woman who claims to be from Venus explain that?

There was once a boy who claimed to be from Mars. Although he was young, he had a lot of professional knowledge about Mars in his mouth, which aroused many people’s deep thinking and attracted countless people’s attention. For a long time, scientists have been discussing whether Mars is suitable for human habitation or not. Although it costs a lot of human and material resources, it still fails.

It has to be said that the rotation axis and tilt angle of Mars are highly similar to that of the earth. Some scientists believe that as long as it can be proved that there is liquid water on Mars, there will certainly be life on Mars. The appearance of the Martian boy has made the whole planet more mysterious. However, the boy’s remarks have not been confirmed, which has aroused many people’s doubts. If he really comes from Mars What kind of chance did you come here? These are big problems. There is no life on Venus. How can a woman who claims to be from Venus explain that?

Since the news came to an end, a woman in the United States claimed that she came from Venus. Mars and Venus are two different planets. Venus has a long history, which makes more and more people doubt that there may be other life in the universe. Human beings are not the only civilization. She also claims that she came with a secret mission. What’s the matter? Among the eight major planets, Venus is closer to the earth and has the same mass, so many scientists call Venus and the earth sister stars.

In addition, the external characteristics of Venus are very similar to the earth, but the internal environment is very different. Because of its extremely bad internal environment, it once again stifles the desire of human beings to immigrate to this planet. How bad is the environment? According to the research of scientists, the highest temperature of Venus can reach 460 degrees Celsius, and the most normal temperature of the human body is no more than 37 degrees Celsius. When it reaches 40 degrees Celsius, it’s not enough, let alone 460 degrees Celsius, which is higher than the boiling point of water.

Not only that, Venus also often has corrosive acid rain, which will be fatal to human body, there are too many toxic gases, even volcanic eruptions are common, let alone human beings. Even if it is close enough, scientists are not willing to put more energy on Venus. Many people question the woman who claims to be from Venus. If she is really from Venus, how does she survive on Venus?

Some people think that there may be life on both Venus and Mars, but with the passage of time and changes in the environment, these civilizations have gradually disappeared, and Venus is different. Many of the life on the stars may have been transformed into other forms, and human beings can’t see them with their flesh eyes. Therefore, this woman’s remarks have attracted the attention of countless people, and no one can overthrow her It is impossible to prove its real existence. What do you think of this? You can leave a message for interaction.

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