Mars boy, who once made a sensation in the world, predicted that the earth protector was in China. Where has he gone now?

Mars boy, who once made a sensation in the world, predicted that the earth protector was in China. Where has he gone now?

What is prophecy? To infer what may happen in the future is what is called prediction. There are many predictions in the scientific community, and very few can be realized. Do you remember the end of the world in 2012 mentioned by the Mayan civilization? At that time, people all over the country were in a panic. Some people even began to store grain for fear that the end would come. Now it’s 2020, and nothing has happened to the earth, which makes people doubt the truth of the Maya prediction. In fact, most of the predictions are self defeating, and there is no deliberate attempt to find the answer.

There was once a Russian boy who claimed to be from Mars and made bold predictions about the future of mankind. To his surprise, most of his predictions were successful. However, in recent years, there was no sign of him. This boy is polyska. Many people are very familiar with him. He is also a celebrity. When he was born, he was much more mature than his peers, two years old He often talks about the knowledge of the Martian universe. Mars boy, who once made a sensation in the world, predicted that the earth protector was in China. Where has he gone now?

Polisca’s childhood experience

At first, his parents didn’t feel strange about his behavior. Until he claimed that he was not from the earth, they found something wrong. As a young boy, how could he say something illogical? What’s most amazing is that he also talked about the professional knowledge on Mars, which even scientists praise.

He also said that there used to be a lot of life on Mars. Due to an accident, the environment on Mars became very bad. In order to survive, he had to use a spaceship to escape to the earth. Everything he described was vivid, as if he had experienced it personally, which made people confused. If what he said was true, at least he had to come up with the true information. If it was false, why did he know so much about Mars? Even what scientists don’t know, he can say it easily.

All the predictions mentioned by Mars boy have come true

Not only that, he also predicted that the earth would experience multiple disasters in the future. After that, Japan would encounter a magnitude 9 earthquake and a huge tsunami, and the local residents would not be able to live normally. In 2012, there would be a strong hurricane in the United States, so his predictions were remembered, as if they had all come true one by one. Is he really a time traveler? In addition, he also predicted that the earth’s God of protection will be born in China, causing public criticism. When the reporter deeply asked him who his protector was, he was silent. After leaving this prediction, he completely disappeared in the public view, as if he had never appeared.

Some people believe in his prophecy, while others are full of doubts. Instead of believing in these illusory prophecies, we should vigorously develop science and technology now. When there is any disaster in the future, at least mankind has the opportunity to resist. As for the little boy who claims to be from Mars, what is his real identity? It’s still a mystery. What’s the matter when the prophecies he once said have been fulfilled one by one? What do you think of this? You can leave a message for interaction.

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