Mars has long hair and shawl, but netizens question scientists’ explanation

Mars has been explored for more than 50 years. It is a red planet that attracts people’s attention.

As early as 1962, the former Soviet Union began to explore Mars, but they all ended in failure. Later, the United States launched mariner 9 in 1972 and two Viking probes successfully landed on Mars in 1975. After that, the secrets of Mars began to emerge one by one.

Curiosity is a Mars probe launched by NASA in November 2011. It is the world’s first Mars rover powered by nuclear power. Its main mission is to explore life elements on Mars.

The discovery of mineral salt rich sediments in Gail crater shows that there was once a salt lake in the crater, and that the climate fluctuation on Mars has made the Martian environment evolve from warm and humid to freezing and dry.

And on August 6, 2018, curiosity sent back a stunning picture. In the photo, it can be seen clearly that a woman with long hair and a shawl, tall and straight, slender arms, wearing a black skirt or a black cloak, is idly basking in the sun, and the creature suspected of being an alien woman is looking towards the Mars probe.

Once this photo was released, it attracted a lot of online UFO enthusiasts’ hot discussion. Is there really life on Mars?

Who is it? What is it? Are they indigenous people living on Mars?

Ashwin vasavada, the scientist of the curiosity project, explained that the “it” in the photo is actually a Mars rock with the shape of human. The place where the human Mars rock is located used to be a very ancient lake on Mars billions of years ago, but now it has dried up, so only sandstone and mudstone can be seen. And this humanoid Martian rock is a shape piled up by sandstone, just like humanoid.

This is “illusory optical illusion”, that is, we will change the image of things we perceive or add some details through imagination, so as to produce people who distort perception.

If a short-sighted person does not wear glasses, he may have this strange feeling when he looks at things at night. He may think that what he sees is another kind of thing, or even a strange object.

So Ashwin vasavada doesn’t think it’s life on Mars.

However, some netizens raised doubts. They thought that if this “Martian woman” was really a statue, it would certainly be seriously weathered. But from the photos, it’s not like this.

The whole outline and shape in the photo are very complete, so they think it is possible that this is an alien.

And this “Martian woman” has been inexplicably looking at the probe’s action is very real. And so far, netizens of this query has not been any explanation. This puts a mysterious veil on the “Martian woman”.

So far, the earth is still the only home for human survival. But after the research of scientists found that life on earth can not guarantee the eternal survival.

So we need to explore other planets in the universe, and now we think that Mars is one of the best planets in the solar system for interstellar migration.

Xiaobian thinks that perhaps in the future, there will be more unexpected discoveries. And these discoveries will eventually lead us to our dreams.

Do you have any other ideas about this “Martian woman”? Welcome to comment area to discuss the message.

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