Mars Rover found a strange object in the shape of “steel ball”. What is its real identity?

Since mankind stepped out of the earth for more than half a century, the exploration of extraterrestrial life has never stopped. Whether launching voyager-1 or searching for mysterious signals in the universe, they all have a common goal, that is, searching for alien life that may exist in the universe.

For the current human science and technology, it is impossible for us to go out of the solar system to explore and search for extraterrestrial life, so the task of searching for extraterrestrial life can only be placed in the solar system. In the solar system, Mars is the most likely planet to have extraterrestrial life. It is a neighbor of the earth and has many similarities with the earth. It is also in the habitable zone.

Since the beginning of last century, human beings have launched dozens of Mars probes to continuously explore and study Mars. Among these probes, the most famous one may be the curiosity Rover.

Curiosity rover is the first nuclear powered probe in the history of human science, with many powerful functions. It was launched in November 2011 and successfully landed on the surface of Mars in August 2012. It is the seventh Mars landing probe and the fourth Mars rover in the United States, powered by nuclear power.

With the powerful nuclear power, the survivability of the Mars rover has undoubtedly improved a lot. Even in the face of dust storms on Mars, curiosity can continue to work. It has been more than eight years since 2012. Curiosity has taken many clear pictures of the surface of Mars through continuous mobile office, which has made a great contribution to our understanding of Mars.

Every rover on Mars has an important mission, which is to search for possible Martian life. So is there any possibility of life on Mars? Before the probe landed on Mars, many scientists speculated that there might be life on Mars.

However, when the probe landed on Mars, it saw a desolate red desert world with no life at all. At this time, most scientists believe that life is unlikely to exist on Mars. However, with the passage of time and in-depth exploration of Mars, we not only found the existence of water in the north and south poles of Mars, but also found microorganisms on the surface of Mars.

The probe also found many ancient river beds on the surface of Mars. These major discoveries tell us that ancient Mars is not a desolate planet, but a beautiful ecological planet like the earth, with oceans on its surface.

Water is the source of life. If there is a large amount of liquid water, the possibility of life is very high. Therefore, scientists believe that ancient Mars may also be a life planet. This makes people have higher expectations for the discovery of life on Mars, and curiosity’s shooting function is undoubtedly very powerful, and it can take close-up high-definition images of the surface of Mars.

Through a large number of Mars photos sent back to earth by curiosity, scientists found many mysterious and strange objects in these photos. After the photos were released, people speculated that they might be evidence of the existence of Mars civilization. However, later scientists came out to explain that these strange objects are not civilized creations, but some Martian rocks.

In one of the photos, a sphere has become a hot topic for some time. In this photo, we can clearly see the debris on the surface of Mars. In the center of the debris, there is a strange circular object, which is particularly prominent. After seeing this object, many people thought that it might be a “steel ball” made by science and technology. Some people speculated that it might be a “shell” left over from the “Mars war”.

I believe everyone who sees this picture will regard this strange round object as a civilized creation, because it is obviously different from the surrounding rocks. It doesn’t look like a rock, but more like a technological creation. So what is the real identity of this “steel ball” like object?

After the photo was released, it caused a heated discussion on the Internet. 90% of netizens thought it was an artificial object. Later, NASA’s “curiosity” Mars rover team came forward to explain this. The Mars team said: this picture is really from the surface scene of Mars captured by curiosity, but this mysterious “spherical object” is less than 5mm in diameter, and is a rock object composed of calcium sulfate, sodium and magnesium, which is not a technological creation imagined by people.

So far, the identity of this mysterious “steel ball” object has been revealed. From this, we can also see the uncanny workmanship of nature and the shortcomings of unmanned detectors. Although the unmanned probe can better land on Mars for all kinds of exploration, no matter how intelligent the machine is, it can’t be compared with the human brain.

Especially in the process of exploring Martian life, curiosity has strong power and good shooting function, but its ability to analyze the target objects is very weak. If there are scientific and technological creations on the surface of Mars, curiosity will not be able to recognize them. At most, it can take one picture and send it back to earth for scientists to analyze.

However, scientists can not determine whether the target object is a man-made object or a natural rock by just one photo. For example, the object like “steel ball” in the above photo doesn’t look like a natural rock in high-definition photos. Scientists judge it as a rock because its diameter is less than 5mm. But let’s not forget that many ball diameters are less than 5mm.

If human beings go to the surface of Mars and find such a mysterious object, it may be easy to judge whether it is a scientific and technological creation or a natural object as long as they take a look at it. In addition, for the exploration of life, at present, we speculate that ancient Mars may be a planet of life, but now Mars is unlikely to have life.

If there had been life on Mars in ancient times, it might have left some Martian fossils. It is difficult to judge these fossils by rover, because they are no different from ordinary rocks in appearance. Only by close observation can we judge whether they are Martian fossils subjectively.

Although we know that there are many advantages of manned Mars exploration research, it can not be realized with the current scientific and technological strength of human beings. Manned landing on Mars and manned landing on the moon are totally two concepts, and the difficulty is far from that. Therefore, human exploration of Mars still can only rely on the probe.

2020 is a new launch window for Mars. There are three Mars probes all over the world, including China’s tianwen-1, the United States’ perseverance and the United Arab Emirates’ hope. With the expectation of mankind, they went to Mars and started a new exploration journey, hoping that the three probes could bring good news to mankind.

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