Mathematics is so useful! Scientists say it is a universal language to communicate with alien civilizations

I still remember a sentence from my childhood teacher: mathematics is the most basic subject, and any subject cannot do without mathematics. Now it seems a little clear that more and more mysteries of the universe, laws of physics, interactions between celestial bodies, not only astronomy, economics, environmental science, atmosphere, medicine and so on, are inseparable from the oldest subject of mathematics. Now, it has another function. If there are aliens, it will shoulder the responsibility of communicating with aliens. Any alien civilization belongs to the common language.

As early as the beginning of human evolution, humans began to use simple mathematics. Later, humans gradually began to observe the moon and use mathematics to record the moon’s cycle, forming a calendar. The Maya civilization, Egyptian civilization, Cuban Babylonian civilization, Indian civilization, and Chinese civilization all recorded several rudiments. It is true that there were aliens before. At that time, the earth civilization was very backward.

At that time, aliens guided people on earth in a special way, leaving mathematics as the universal language of the universe, and became an inherent ability of sustainable development of human beings, until one day they could use it to explore the mysteries of the universe, gradually improve the level of civilization, and use it to communicate with other civilizations in the universe.

But if we want to use mathematics to explore our universe and alien civilization, we must first raise the existing mathematical system to a higher level. We must know that there are still too many unsolved mysteries in the field of mathematics. For example, four color conjecture, Fermat’s last theorem, Goldbach conjecture and so on.

It can be imagined how weak the lack of mathematical ability of human beings in exploring the universe is. For example, when Galileo first observed the planet with a telescope, Kepler only found many planets with elliptical orbits. However, due to the lack of mathematical ability, the exploration at that time had great limitations. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the existing mathematical ability to explore the universe.

Mathematics plays a more and more important role in the exploration of the universe. For example, Newton calculated the orbit of Halley’s comet accurately by using calculus and predicted the orbits of other planets. On this basis, he slowly got the formula of gravity, which has a self-evident impact on human beings. Therefore, it can be said that without mathematics, all science will lose its support. The other is a mathematician who only worked out the orbit of Neptune on paper and found Neptune. This is the charm of mathematics!

Gradually, the emergence of quantum mechanics makes some of Newton’s theorems no longer applicable to the whole universe, and so far, our mathematics has lagged behind the quantum level, and now we need a higher level of mathematical system. It’s not doomed. In every special era, there must be highly intelligent human beings born, shouldering a major mission. Einstein came into being. Therefore, mathematics has entered a higher level under his promotion.

Although the emergence of Einstein promoted the development of human mathematics and accelerated the pace of exploring the universe, the current level of mathematics is still unable to solve the connection between the macro world and the quantum world, and many great scientists are also working hard to solve such problems. Compared with the recent progress in quantum communication in China, the launch of “Mozi” has opened a small window for the human quantum world.

But there is still a long way to go in the future. If we want to completely solve the problem of the relationship between the quantum world and the macro world, we still need to use mathematics, and the level is very high. If we really solve it, we can understand the ultimate mystery of the universe and have a dialogue with other civilizations!

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