May “gods” really exist? Is it a time traveler or an alien civilization?

With the development of science and technology, more and more people firmly believe that gods do not exist. Perhaps the gods in the ancient population are the so-called space-time travelers. In many science fiction movies, we can always see the bridge of time travel. In fact, in the scientific community, time travel is feasible in theory, but until now, scientists have not found a way to travel.

Einstein once proposed that if we find the wormhole, we may find the entrance of time and space. In a sense, wormhole is the link between the two time and space, so some people think that maybe the gods in the ancient population are the space-time travelers from the future. When we think about these fairy tales carefully, we will find that many immortals have super powers. These immortals can not only turn their hands into clouds and cover their hands with rain, but also travel thousands of miles to all parts of the world. If you think about it carefully, these bridges do not only exist in fairy tales. With the help of modern technology, human beings can do the same.

Sergei crossing incident

So are the immortals in the ancient population really people from the future? Although we can’t explain this problem, there are many time travel stories in history, among which the most authentic one is the Sergey crossing event. In this crossing event, several people have witnessed it and left a lot of evidence. If you are interested, you can also go to the Internet for inquiry. But at this time, there is a question. If human beings can really go back from the modern to the past, will it mean that things will change? In other words, the universe at that time has been changed?

Scientists believe that perhaps space-time travel does not only exist in one space, and each time travel may produce another universe, which is also the view of Huojin. Maybe there are countless parallel spacetimes outside the universe we live in. We can’t determine which spacetime is the real universe. If spacetime travelers really exist, why can’t we find them?

There are also so-called walkers on the Internet, who claim to come from the distant future and predict the future of the earth. Scientists believe that if these walkers are real, it will be a potential disaster for human beings. These time machines themselves are a huge virus library. If everyone can travel through time and space at will, the order of the earth will become chaotic.

According to this conjecture, perhaps the gods in the ancient population were actually the traversers. Of course, some people put forward different views. These gods may be aliens from outer space. These are also your guesses. At present, there is no final conclusion. The development of science itself is a controversial process. What do you think?

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